voice search on rokuStop streaming device never failed to surprise us with unique features. Rocky voice search is one of them. Voice Search is an innovative and useful feature in television remote, which can be used with Roku Remote or mobile app. Check out the cool features of the Roku new additional feature below. Once you create a Roku account and link your device with roku.com/link, you get to access to use all features of a device.

Control your Roku player utilizing the new Roku voice look highlight. The Roku Enhanced Remote accompanies a receiver. You can utilize easygoing expressions to express and view the substance that you want. You can likewise download the Roku versatile application to utilize the voice seek include. The property is presently accessible in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Canada.

Use Roku Voice Search

The Voice Search feature in Roku’s extended remote is one of its best features, and it comes with almost every new Roku.  Follow these simple steps to use your remote voice search features.

Roku is a standout amongst the most popular advanced players with a broad scope of highlights that are simple for individuals to comprehend It gives the capacity to the client to watch the different types of video content which are available through the Internet on the Roku TV. Clients can likewise locate the renowned gushing administrations like Netflix, Amazon, Youtube on Roku TV.

Stop search engine compatible with voice search

To utilize the Voice Search on your versatile, tap on the symbol that speaks to ‘Channels’ and after that take a gander at the base of the screen for the ‘What’s On’ alternative. An amplifying glass seems to enable access to the inquiry work. Rather than composing your demand, press and hold the ‘receiver’ catch before you and talk the directions.

Out of the blue, you should give the authorization to utilize the receiver for a voice seek. Utilize typical volume to talk into the gadget and once you have completed the process of talking tap into the center of the screen. The application will show your demand once it has handled the directions. You will get a rundown on your versatile.

Roku devices compatible with voice search

You will have many confusions about finding a device with voice search. Only some devices will have a stop voice search feature. By following the methods given below, you can find them easily.

  1. i) Roku remote will have a microphone icon or a magnifying glass icon.
  2. ii) The Roku 3 voice search button will look like a magnifying glass icon in the center of the Roku remote.

iii) Roku 4, Roku Ultra, Roku Stream Stick and Roku Streaming Stick + also comes with the Voice Search feature.

Voice search on Roku Mobile App

Read the steps below to learn how to use voice search on your stop the mobile app.

  • Install the app on your Android or iOS devices and launch the Roku mobile app.
  • Click on the magnifying glass that appears at the top of your mobile screen and immediately press the available microphone icon inside the text box.
  • Start searching for the title that you want to see clearly in mobile with the microphone icon. Once you have completed the task, touch the middle of the mobile screen.

Voice Search on the Raku Remote

  • Before proceeding with Voice Search, you must remember some points to find the right voice search.
  • Hold the Roku remote in your hands and make sure the remote is 6 inches distance from your mouth. Once you are ready to continue the search.
  • Apart from all the instructions, you have to speak clearly. Remember that you are talking to the device, not the person.

If your Roku voice is not working, restart the Roku streaming device and try again. Speak clearly, that the feed will find your title search. We hope this article helps you to how to use the voice search feature on Roku, if you have any query, contact our expert team by calling us at our toll-free Roku customer service number 1-844-573-0162.