How to take care of dandruff problems

Dandruff is a very natural and common problem these days. That is why; people suffer from it throughout the year, irrespective of any season.

Dandruff can also lead to a lot of uneasiness. It can lead to itchiness, red scalp, and yellowish white flakes. One can use natural anti dandruff shampoo in order to get rid of these problems.

There are several reasons why dandruff can happen. If one does not clean their scalp on a regular basis then dead skin cells get accumulated on the scalp and lead to dandruff formations. Also too much oil secretion or too much dry and flaky scalp can also lead to this kind of situation. So, one needs to shampoo their hair at least thrice a week to keep their scalp dirt free.

Also, one needs to have a proper and healthy diet to keep their hair and scalp healthy. The more good food one consumes, the more it reflects on their hair and skin. Of the scalp remains healthy, then there is much lesser chance that one will suffer from dandruff attacks. One needs to add more fresh fruits and leafy vegetables on their regular diet to keep it healthy and fresh.

One can also use green tea to treat their dandruff problems. Here, one needs green tea, some white vinegar and peppermint essential oil for this. You need to brew a cup of green tea and then mix 2 to 3 drops of peppermint essential oil with that. After that, add a tea spoon of white vinegar into that and let it cool. Wet your hair under running water and pour the mixture on your scalp and through your hair. Massage it on your scalp for about 5 minutes and then use a mild, sulphate free shampoo to wash it off. Green tea and peppermint oil both have a lot of anti microbial and anti oxidant properties which can keep the scalp healthy.

Yogurt can also be very good when it comes to treating dandruff problems. Take a small amount of (about 2 spoons) yogurt or sour curd and leave it in open for 2 days for fermentation. Then whisk the curd and apply it on your hair and scalp like a hair mask for an hour. After that, rinse it off well with a mild shampoo. The acidic quality of the curd can easily combat the dandruff and it also conditions the hair to give it a soft and shiny texture.

Lemon juice can also help. This juice has a lot of antiseptic properties and it is very useful when one thinks of tackling dandruff. One can also treat the itchiness of a scalp by rubbing lemon juice thoroughly all over the scalp. One can also apply a mixture of lemon juice and cold yogurt on the scalp to get good results. Do not forget to rinse it off well with a shampoo.

One can also use ketomac shampoo on a regular basis, in order to get rid of dandruff problems. They are very effective.