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How To Smart Dress: Choosing Mens Suits For The Shorter Man

In order to know what it means by the shorter men, in the men’s fashion the clothing market shows that men 5’8″ tall and below are short. For the one who is 5’8 or below, clothing, mostly mens suits, bought off the rack, cannot be a good option for you. That is good news. You can consider yourself the winner of the game.

When you buy only the best mens suits with unique tailoring, and having hemming for the best trouser length, you will look the sharpest and really confident best. Let’s look at mens suits for shorter men closely.


It is all in the Fit

The first rule that all shorter men should think of is that size never matters. Mens suits need to be looked at in accordance to the how they fit on the body, and never by the numbers on the labels. Everyone is different and there is nothing as mens suits as one size to fit all. If you trying on the clothing in the shop, it may be not a good option then it is good to take your details and give them to the retailer. This is mostly helpful for online ordering as well special tailoring.

The Trouser Measurements Need To Include:

  • The inseam for the right and left legs, which is the length from the trouser crotch to the bottom of the ankle
  • The outseam for your right and left legs, the length from the top of the trouser waistband to the bottom of the ankle
  • The waist, the tape measure must fit firmly however without being too tight
  • The hips, just like the waist measurement at the widest part of the hips

Coat Measurements Need:

Measuring the left to the right shoulder as well as across the neckline known as the Shoulder to shoulder measurement

Chest measurements need you to hold arms up and the one assisting you will measure across the broadest pat of the chest.

Center Back, this need the measurement from top of the spine to the place the hem of the coat will fall.

Sleeve measurement shave to be taken for the left and the right hand from the shoulder top to the wrist.

Fashion To-Dos

Now that you have discovered the correct fit for your body shape, there are some fashion rules that must be addressed. If you really want to look taller, then it is good to choose mens suits that have a three button coat. The ones with two buttons are made to help one look wider. Good for those who are short and skinny? It is good to wear mens suits that have pinstripes; however you have to be aware that the thickness of your stripes needs to match the size of you. Face the facts, if you have a wide-girth, the last asset you want are wide pinstripes to show out your size. So make sure adjust your choices accordingly.

Shorter men need as well adjust their ties, collars, sleeves and pockets. Your ties work well if they are slimmer and shorter. They should not pass the waistband either. Sleeves as well as collars must be fitted, not loose and oversized. If the shirt is being tailor-made, check the pocket. It must be located over the chest part not the stomach. Never waste your time with ill-fitting shirts to match with your mens suits.