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How to ship a boat from the UAE to Europe

Advice and strategies to understand how to best ship a boat from the UAE to Europe 

If boat transport to or from the Mediterranean can seem complex and taxing just thinking about it, it is easy to understand how difficult it can be to ship a boat from the UAE to Europe. In this instance, regulations extend beyond those related to European agreements, as they may come from international relations.

The number of exports to the Arab Emirates is growing considerably worldwide.
Italy could not be left behind with this trend. Many sectors are interested in this migration, from clothing to goods, from cars to ships: it all travels to the shores of Europe. In order to transport boats then, a fully managed shipping service is needed that is able to offer companies that work in the various sectors – both Italian or otherwise – the possibility to export vessels to the Middle East with a single company as their representative. People who intend to ship their boat to from the UAE to Europe should take several factors into consideration and should take account of the risks and problems that such a delicate and demanding operation can conceal.


1. Pay attention to costs and service quality

In order to guarantee flawless transport, costs should be taken into account, which – in the instance of boat shipping from the UAE to Europe could be a little higher than expected. Therefore, in this instance the choice of a large transport company that has been on the market for several years, instead of a small company, is vital. Only the former is actually able to absorb any cost hikes, while ensuring a bespoke service and meeting the time frames agreed with clients.

Using regional access points, a sea transport company that intends to ship a boat from the UAE to Europe must follow various programmes and weekly departure times. To all this we can add the need to meet the deadlines and regular controls that result from the relationships that the “parent” transport company will establish with more than a dozen carriers. The many difficulties that the company can encounter in maximising the flexibility of transits, whilst keeping costs down at the same time, is understandable. That is why it is a good idea to trust a solid company that has been on the market from some time and is well placed within it, which is able to guarantee a “full load” service, meaning flawless transport from Arab countries to Europe.


2. Flexibility: a must-have when shipping a boat from the UAE to Europe

A solid sea transport company that intends to ship a boat from the UAE to Europe must guarantee flexibility amongst its various value-added services. This is a “talent” that is required to meet the specific needs of worldwide shipping. Flexibility – in this instance – means being able to:

  • Offer visibility of shipments to the end clients;
  • Guarantee updates on the national and regional markets;
  • Offer good insurance coverage for cargoes;
  • Being able to address the various flexible scenarios of cross-docking and distribution.


3. Difficulty in tracking a shipment: an unacceptable limitation 

A company that intends to undertake boat shipping from the UAE to Europe must be capable of tracking its vessel at all times, in all the places it may be at any given time. Shipment tracking, in this instance when a boat is travelling from Arab countries to us in Italy, is more complex: the entire cycle, from consignment to delivery to the recipient, is a truly lengthy process and the various steps to be followed are extremely laborious. However, nowadays volumes are increasing rapidly and offering accurate tracking for every ship is no simple task. However, there are companies that are extremely well established within the market that are able to guarantee all the necessary safeguards, including the option of ship tracking.

Accuracy, precision and timeliness of boat delivery, even to and from extremely remote places and, if necessary, also by air: all this is the result of reliability and professionalism in shipping.