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How to set-up movers and packers business for you?

It was an old story when an individual finds no such reasons for relocation. Nowadays, relocation is frequently taking places due to various reasons, especially due to job transfers. People are changing and so their lifestyles. They would interestingly prefer to change their living places many the reasons vary from buying a new home locally or outside the place, or shifting business and job transfers.

These are the reasons that pushed the necessity of top packers and movers in India. It can be said defined as a demanding business in the industry. There is a huge opportunity for this business on Indian land providing the relocation services locally, within the country, or internationally.

The investment in shifting business is not heavy as it is a service based business. Serving up to customer’s satisfaction, there is a good scope in packers and movers.

What is movers and packers?


It is said to be an established company set-up for serving the relocation services locally, nationally, or internationally depends on their vast size of services.

The ways to start moving company

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To hold on any business for long and earn livings from it, one needs to be determinant and passionate about the work. The person and others related with the company should have the basic knowledge about the services related to shifting company.

To start a moving company in a country like India, the company needs to especially focus on customer service, pricing, and quality services timely.

Starting shifting company requires attention as there are lots of companies running in the country providing the same services, one needs to scale a lot of things before starting it.

  • Registration is must for a company
  • A company requires a name
  • It should have a stable place to operate from
  • The quotation and insurance formalities are mostly demanded
  • Research about packers and movers industry
  • Make financial plans to start the business and keep running for a time till it gets customers
  • Arrangement of quality packing materials at wholesale price as it requires bulk of it
  • Finding the transport partner as transport is required to move the packed stuff and vehicles if any
  • Numbers of labour and professionals required initially for starting 6 months
  • How many permanent staffs required
  • The lowest quotation you can make serving quality service to encounter customers
  • The different price ranges for packing one, two, or three bedroom stuffs
  • Meet the person owning the same business and collect the basic needs and ideas related to business
  • List the areas where you can avail the services
  • List the price ranges as per the miles need to travel
  • Set the insurance terms and conditions
  • Arrange for the store-room on rent or own

Move in to packers and movers in Nagpur and you can find the right services for you as per your needs anytime for any place locally, nationally and internationally.

For the beginners, it is wise plan to start the moving company serving relocation services locally.

Process and formalities of business registration

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  • The business can be registered as a partnership, proprietorship, private limited company, or limited liable company. The company needs a name and check the availability of a .com domain name.
  • To operate business in India, the shop and establishment license is a must
  • Avail the trade license from the municipality office
  • Apply for the bank accounts
  • You need to apply for the permanent account number i.e. PAN card to file income tax
  • Open a new one in company’s name as customers may show interest in paying through
  • GST registration is required to start the business. After a certain turnover, GSTIN is required
  • To promote the business and make people aware of it, set-up the website and social presence
  • Logo for the company needs to be designed. Get custom-made t-shirts for the staffs and team members


Above are a few points that can be followed to start a packers and movers company with easy steps. Moving companies are in demand and, therefore interested people can have good scope and huge opportunities to provide the relocation services.