How to Repair a Damaged Roof?

Repair a Damaged Roof

You might be worried about your damaged roof which is leaking or breaking from below because the wood has lost its quality. Repairing a damaged roof becomes more complicated when there your whole roof is filled with damages on different parts. Therefore, it is very important that you know the procedure of repairing the damaged roof. Following is the detailed description with guidelines of three different strategies that you can follow for repairing your roof.

Calculate Cubic Yards:

Calculating the cubic yard is one of the initial steps that you need to take. Take a bar and start slipping it under the broken shingle by pressing them. The pressure would cause the nails to pop out and it would be easy to take out the old one. Replace the shingles by yourself by cutting the shingles according to the measurement, you can also put glue on the shingles that have lost its shape, the cracked shingle can also be repaired with the help of some attachment. Choose a dry day for starting your project and complete it within that day as the rainy season or cold weather would leave effects that you would not be able to see on the first side.

Required Materials:

  1. Swap Shingles
  2. A medium-sized hammer
  3. 1 flat pry bar
  4. a sharp utility knife
  5. 11/4 inches of nails used for roofing


Swapping shingles is the second strategy you can use to repair your house roof. Look in your store to see if there are any shingles placed there or buy the new pack. A standard 3-tab shingles bundle would be the best option for you. It comes in 100 square feet in size with many matching options. You can do it by sliding a new shingle in the place of the old shingle. Aligning with shingles of both sides is very necessary here.

Use a pry bar and start removing the nails that are attached to the existing shingles. Lift the underside of the existing shingle and remove the nails. Remove all the nails one by one and do not try to be in a hurry. Now start pulling the damaged shingles one by one. Cutting v-notches would be very beneficial in the case where your shingles are already damaged. Now start sliding the new shingles in the place of damaged shingles and put nails in it for securing it.

Fix Curled Corners:

You may have seen curled corners of asphalt shingles because of the old age and less quality. You can use a good quality of roofing glue for attaching for positioning down the curled shingles. Many products of roofing sealants are easily available in the market that you can use under the corner of the shingle. It does not cost much and you can complete your work within time. It is very important to leave the part for 24 hours so it can dry and get firm.

Repair Cracked Shingle:

Knowing the right method for treating different types of damages is very important. A simply cracked shingle does not require to be replaced. You can use glue for attaching the cracked parts together. Use roofing sealant for the shingles by pressing the shingles towards down and then applying shingles with a knife on the top side of the cracked shingle. Take a cup and out colored granules in it then start sprinkling it on the part you have worked on.

Remember that the changing entire roof is a costly way and there is no need if the damage is not great. You can use simple and effective methods that are mentioned above and get out of the worry of more damage to your roof. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then, in that case, you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors for professional advice.