Remove Window Decals

Applying the window decals is not difficult and they also look great and give an entirely different perspective to the windows. However they can be a real headache when you plan to remove them from windows. In the beginning when you apply the decals these are very attractive and look really great but as the time passes and you intend to remove these decals, there can be a real chore which you will face. Whether it is the task of removal of the decal from the window of your car or from the house window, you need to learn the technique first and then apply it to the window so that the window may not get harmed by scratches.

There are many different solutions which can work on the windows when you try to remove the decals from them. Depending upon how long the decal has been there on your window and how big it is, you can adopt the best suiting strategy and it will definitely work well. There are certain solutions of commercial as well as store bought level which can work on the decals. An overview of both of these is as follows:

Solutions for removing decals from the store bought products:

There are two categories of the decals which are found generally on the windows. Some of them are adhered freshly and o time has been past to these decals. On the other hand some decals are stuck since a long time. There are different products available in market for these kinds of decals.

Solutions for freshly adhered decals:

If there is not much time passed to the decal on the window then it can be simply removed by applying clean water and then scratching it by means of a dull and putty knife. For that you have to wet the decal by means of a spray bottle or a sponge and then leave it for a moment to be soaked in. After the adhesive is completely soaked, scrap it away gently with the help of a putty knife. If the decal is not removed completely or it leaves any residue then putting more effort on scratching is useless. Then you have to move to the other tougher option.

Solutions for the decals which are stuck there for life:

Sometimes you may confront the decals which are stuck on the window for much longer time and cannot be removed by the above mentioned method. In these cases the best way is to apply white vinegar. Apply white vinegar to the decal and then remove it with the help of a soaked cloth. If it does not dissolve, you can scrap it with a putty knife. If the decal still does not move, try applying vinegar more time and leave it for some more time before scraping with knife.

Solutions for removing decals from commercial products:

Applying WD-40 on the decal:

You can easily remove the decals on the windows by using WD-40. It can be applied y means of spray on the decal and then it is ensured that the spray sets on the decal evenly. After that you can use the cloth for wiping the spray. After this application, the deal will peel off very easily. If it does not peel off easily, then you can use the putty knife for this purpose. But most of the times you do not even need the knife after application of WD-40.

Applying the commercial adhesive remover on the decal:

Although the commercial adhesive removers are quite expensive, yet you can get the job done within no time. In case of decals attached on the windows of cars, make sure to buy the removers especially meant for the car windows otherwise they may damage the glass of window. If you still didn’t able to remove decals then in that scenario you may have to contact windows contractors for Replacement windows in Grosse ile Michigan.