How to Heal A Body Injury Properly and Quickly

Heal A Body Injury Properly

A body injury is something that is inevitable. An injury on any part of your body might be life threatening and make you suffer untold discomfort. In fact, if the injury is located in a conspicuous part of the body, it might compromise your self image. Knowing the proper ways to heal a body injury could save you from almost anything, including your life.

See a therapist skilled in Active Release Techniques (A.R.T)

Active Release Techniques have been proven to be the best therapy to reduce scar-tissue build-up and to promote ideal muscle length through the healing process. ART combined with specific stretching exercises heal body tissues in the shortest time with the lowest incidence of getting injured again. Proper guidance from a therapist is essential to prevent aggravating soft tissues and extending recovery time.

Perform frequent , low-intensity activation of the injured body part.

You can start healing a body injury by moving the injured muscles through low-intensity movements during the early period after injury. This low-intensity exercise promotes blood circulation throughout the muscle and prevents over-shortening during recovery.

Eat the right foods

Nutrition plays a huge role in recovering from injury. Green leafy vegetables such as brocolli, kales, spinach, and other greens are loaded with vitamin K which helps with blood clotting. You also need to eat foods that are rich in protein. Grass-fed beef and fish are good sources of protein which plays the role of rebuilding lost tissue. Foods rich in Vitamin C also helps to heal injuries.

So you’ll need to increase your intake of fruits and vegetables including strawberries, bell peppers, citrus fruits, among many more. Vitamin C aids in the manufacture of collagen which is an essential component of skin and tissues. Zinc is also critical to help rapidly heal wounds. Ensure you increase your zinc intake. Eat beef, oysters, spinach, pumpkin seeds and other foods rich in zinc.

Hong Kong Massage

Massage helps to relieve injured muscles by alleviating soreness and reducing swelling. Multiple massage sessions can help an injured body part bounce back faster. Some of the benefits of Hong Kong Massage include:

  • Alleviates lower-back pain and improves range of motion.
  • It helps release endorphins which work as the body’s natural painkiller.
  • Relaxes and softens injured, tired , and overused muscles.
  • Stimulates lymph flow which is the body’s natural defense system.


Yoga helps to improve and lower stress which is a major element in promoting recovery. Get relaxed with yoga by performing it on a regular basis.

Get more sleep.

Lack of enough sleep can have detrimental effects on injury recovery. Sleep is a prime time for the body to undergo protein synthesis. Therefore, adequate sleep promotes stronger muscles and better endurance.


Soaking the injured part in a warm bath can go a long way to reduce pain and swelling. For a better healing effect, add Epsom salts to your bathwater and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. This will ease stiffness and promote mobility.

Drink plenty of water

The human body requires adequate water to enhance the recovery process. When you’re recovering from a body injury, it’s advisable to avoid intake of sport drinks, sweetened drinks, and coffee. Instead, consider drinking enough water and replace sweetened drinks with fresh juice.