How to Pick the Right Fit Swimming Ear Plugs

We’ve all ever gone for a swim and afterward come out with water in our ears, haven’t we? .This situation is very irritating and the water in our ears makes us very uncomfortable and during that time we only hear muffled sounds. For some of us who’ve been here before know what to do while the rest jump and quickly google “how to get rid of water trapped in your ears after swimming” and all these solutions will pop up. Well we look to skip all that. Earplugs are the way to go, you just put them into your ears and take them off when you’re done as easy as that.

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These are the factors you should keep in mind when you go to purchase your swimming earplugs.

1. Compatibility

Since we have to put the plugs in our ears, we should consider whether it is fitting and Comfortable. A fitting earplug is one that will not fall out during the swimming activities and therefore becoming useless, earplugs manufacturers make them in different sizes to accommodate everyone. The comfort of your ears is important, so it’s better to choose something that won’t hurt your ear therefore take your time when selecting one.

2. Material

The material of the ear plugs should be a comfortable one and according to opinions, the earplugs made from wax or silicone are more comfortable compared to the plastic ones. The plastic ear plugs are risky since it’s not commendable for a hard materials to be touching the tender tissues inside the ear, this may lead to some form of ear damage.

3. Time

How much time you spend in water is also a major factor in finding the right fit, if you are an occasional swimmer then you don’t need to invest as much in special earplugs you can opt to buy one that catches your eye. On the other hand if you spend a lot of time in the water then you might consider buying customized ear plugs since they will be with you all the time so it’s better to just get earplugs that will suit you and last for a long time . waterproof earplugs for swimming are recommended for the frequent swimmers.

4. Budget

Lastly a person’s budget is important, the more you have the better the earplugs that you will get, for example customized earplugs are expensive compared to the ready available ones at the store and it is cheaper in the long run to buy the reusable earplugs since it will save you on cost unlike the disposable ones.

Swimming without earbuds can result in an infection called the Swimmer’s ear. This ear infection occurs when water trapped in the ear becomes infected by bacteria when it’s not drained and if it is left untreated it lead to serious hearing loss. It is advisable to swim with earplugs on therefore enhancing your swimming experience. If you already have a preexisting ear infection or even maybe you go to swim in dirty water it is highly recommended that you use earplugs. Lastly also consider wearing a swim cap as the extra layer of protection.