There is a reason why women (and men) are willing to risk their skin health in the sun rather than opting for a synthetic tan. This, of course, is in hopes of avoiding that dreaded orange hue that many unfortunate individuals were wearing for a while. Well, it is time to let that fear pass. This is there are numerous ways to look as though you have been bestowed with a natural bronze hue even if it’s out of a bottle. Follow these tips to achieve perfection:

Get a Natural Looking Tan

Start on a Blank Canvas

This means making sure that your skin is free of any moisturizer, oils, or any other substances. This can cause streakiness and to make the end result look less than polished. It is a good idea to exfoliate well all over your body as well. This way, you will not have to worry about dead skin absorbing most of the product and then peeling off. Now, your hands, knees, and elbows may be prone to absorbing most of the product. Therefore, it is a good idea to cover these areas with a thin layer of moisturizer but avoid using anything too heavy.

Take it Slow

It is easy to make mistakes if you opt for the darkest possible product that you can get your hands on. This is why gradual tan products are becoming more popular. You can use such a product every day, building up your color, little by little. This helps to limit the mistakes that are typically caused when self-tanners are used. It also offers you a great deal of control over the exact shade that you want. You can simply stop using the product once you have achieved your ideal hue. Once it begins to wear off, you just reapply as needed. The end result is a great deal less startling as well.

Use Mitts

While it may seem more natural to use your fingers and your palm, you are actually doing more harm than good. This is because the product is applied unevenly and can also bear the imprint of your fingers. This is why a soft mitt is often a better option as it makes for a more even application. Not to mention, you also avoid staining your fingers and hands.

Start Early

Many people make this mistake by trying to apply the tanner before they go to sleep. Unfortunately, you are simply creating the risk of transference of the products everywhere. Applying the product in the morning gives you the opportunity to avoid leaving your tan on places other than your skin. Of course, this does not mean that you can just stand around waiting for the product to dry.

A fun little tip is to set your hairdryer on the cold setting. Then use it to gently blast cool pockets of air all over your body. This will help to dry the product a little faster. It is a good idea to stay as cool as possible and avoid sweating for that first day.

If you are want to look as though you got your tan from the sun rather than a bottle, this precisely how you can do it.