Lead generation is the initial stage of a business sales cycle. Even though it sounds exciting, generating leads is not as easy or exciting as it sounds. Few companies try to delegate these services from a third-party vendor, while others avail these services by setting up an in-house facility for the same. Extracting warm and closeable leads from your company’s blog is one of the superlative ways to transform the web traffic (visiting your blog) into sales inquiries that can be assessed and are actionable.

You can avail lead generation services from numerous vendors, but if you want another trick up your sleeves, then this article is meant for you. We are going to go through each of the given tips and do not worry, none of the tips says “Pen down an improved content”, because that you already know. So, let’s start:

1)    Amend the titles so as to make it searchable

The probability of web traffic originating from search and not from site visitors is quite high. Hence, while jotting down a blog, ensure to optimize your title with what prospects/customers are looking for. When you adhere your blog title with the search, the likeability of a prospect reaching you increases incredibly. Another parameter with which you can comply the blog title with is the language-driven interest and engagement.

Always think like your customers. Think what they will type while looking for anything relatable to your offerings. Search for the most lookout keywords and try to include it in your blog titles (although not essential, if it’s possible).

2)    Provide more than one subscription alternatives

Unquestionably, the finest manner in which you can transform the blog visitors into loyal customers is by penning down some exceptional content. Remember that the today’s customers are using a lot of channels on the internet. So, if you are only utilizing RSS or email you are missing on out something big. Prospects who are on other channels would never ever find your business even if they need something you offer.

This is the reason that successful companies ensure to cover all the subscription channels so as to miss not even one opportunity. Different alternatives for subscription are RSS, email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on.

3)    Be aggressive on selling subscriptions

Assuming your blog comprises excellent content, the most convenient way to transform casual readers into your leads and prospects is by getting them subscribed to the blog. And how will you do it? For starters, incorporating social media buttons on the blog site will aid you in sweeping the subscriptions. But is it enough? Absolutely not.

In fact, crafting a “subscribe to this blog” tab in your sidebar and including the selling copy to prospects is another intelligent way to promote your blog.

In addition to this, utilizing a pop-up form on your blog site would also increase the subscriptions. By utilizing the correct plug-in, you can select when to show the popup to the visitor. The pop-up can be displayed when a reader hops on to a specific number of web pages or while leaving a blog or if the visitor clicks on some particular content. Also, you can get help from IP tracking. It aids you in exhibiting the pop up only to readers who haven’t subscribed or to subscribers to promote the discount offers.

4)    Call to Action buttons

Having an actionable button on the blog page surely increases the chance to convert a reader into a lead. A short call to action button in between the body of the blog will provide enough significance to your business. Along with this, having a white paper related to your blog topic gives enough importance to your page.  A simple “If you want details, download our free paper here” would suffice. We strictly recommend to not do this on every page as it will make your blog tedious and redundant.

5)    Keyword inclusion

Companies offering lead generation services are also advising the business sector to emphasize on keywords while making their content better in terms of search. Using different tools you can find out the number of relevant keywords related to your industry. Ensure to utilize the keywords of highest volumes and start putting it considerably in your content. Make sure to include 2 keywords maximum in a write-up of 500 words. Too much keyword inclusion also leads to low ranking in Google.