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Whenever the question comes to generate leads with the help of social media platforms, the names like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. strike to the marketer’s mind. But it doesn’t mean that other popular site like Pinterest cannot help the business.

As per the study, Pinterest users buy products or services twice as compared to the Facebook ones. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Pinterest could be the stepping stone for the business.

Today we are going to explain how B2B lead generation companies can generate leads via Pinterest.

Use Infographics

The most effective way to generate B2B leads on Pinterest is posting Infographics. This is so because high-quality images always draw the attention of the people who are looking for the products or services online.

But B2B lead generation companies overlook this factor and only post high-quality blogs or articles on multiples sites. However, this doesn’t ensure the desired results every time because 7 out of 10 readers lose their interest while reading lengthy write-ups.

On the contrary, posting high-quality images with brief information about the products or services always does the trick for the business. Consequently, this leads to a lot of pins and repins, which, in turn, results in a large number of B2B leads.

Make most out of the high-quality content

To generate maximum B2B leads in short time span, B2B lead generation companies post business-related content in different formats that include videos, how-to guides, e-books, blogs, articles, etc. To leave no stones unturned, marketers even take the help of guest blogging.

Usually, B2B marketers think that Pinterest is only an image-sharing site and that’s why they ignore this social media site when it comes to sharing high-quality content. However, this is nothing but a delusion.

This is so because Pinterest can also help in increasing the reach of the content as all you have to do is upload the cover images of your popular e-books, guides, and white papers. After that, add the backlinks that can redirect the viewers to the company’s website.

For better results, marketers should gate the content as this will help in getting crucial information such as name, email address, etc. Needless to say, this data could be helpful in the lead nurturing process. All in all, you will get new customers sooner rather than later.

Engage Pinterest users

To lay the hands on the better results, it is imperative for all The B2B lead generation companies to understand that social media platforms shouldn’t be used for direct marketing. For the sake of business growth, indirect marketing can be used. This means marketers should engage social media users and build a relationship with them.

The same thing applies for Pinterest too. Marketers should drop the selling approach and start making Pinterest users feel special by sharing upcoming products images. This will surely encourage Pinterest account holders to share pins with others, which, in turn, results in a large number of leads.