Office Cleaning Services

Citywide Office Cleaning offers commercial office cleaning services at these locations:

Reception areas: 

The reception area of any office is where clients come to meet and greet you, so it should be clean and presentable. Your receptionist and waiting area must be clean, organized, and free of clutter. Part of the standard office cleaning services includes dusting and vacuuming to ensure this. Part of your regular cleaning service might consist of using a cloth dust collector to remove any small particles that might fall to the floor.

Conference rooms –

Part of a clean office cleaning service includes the Conference Room. These rooms are where your top management and other employees meet to make decisions about the company, raise issues, and resolve problems. The room must be well-appointed, with plenty of seating and enough wall space for your guests to circulate. Part of your everyday cleaning needs may include vacuuming the conference rooms, especially after meetings. If there is a high volume of traffic in and out of the room regularly, your janitor will be able to provide you with an extra set of hands to help with this.

Window Washing: 

Part of your office cleaning services involves disinfecting your windows. You want to keep the air clear so that people inside the office are not exposed to sick-or, possibly toxic fumes from a filthy office building. Besides, windows can allow in unwanted airborne bacteria and allergens, affecting your health if not cleaned regularly. For this reason, most window washing services include a disinfectant spray as part of their cleaning supplies. The fountain is usually added about two hours before the actual service starts.

Amorette Racks: 

Another one of the office cleaning services that New York has to offer is the amoretto racking. Amorette racking is a newer type of rack explicitly designed for small offices or even home offices that need to store supplies and other items away from the floor. Because it has fewer coils than other racking types, amoretti racking makes it much easier to use. Amorette racking comes in many different sizes and materials including, cast aluminum, standard metal, and heavy-duty plastic. Since the amoretto racks are usually used to hold supplies, they must be very durable to withstand years of usage by various people.


Perhaps one of the essential office cleaning services around is carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning in New York City is essential since it offers the first line of defense against dust and dirt particles, spread around offices. The city is home to more than three million people, and they are continually coming and going throughout the day. The constant movement of people leaves dust and dirt everywhere. Carpet cleaning is a must for any business, which means that hiring carpet cleaners is a cost-effective way to ensure that the place stays clean all the time. They will thoroughly vacuum all of the carpets, and then they will wash them according to the company’s specifications.

Additional Duties: 

Other critical office cleaning services include disinfecting and sanitizing. Suppose a business owner wants to ensure that their employees stay healthy, sanitize their work areas, and protect themselves against potential infections. In that case, they should consider adding disinfectants and other germ killers into their cleaning supplies. This helps to keep employees healthier and more productive. Additionally, sanitizing helps to prevent the spread of contagious diseases such as the flu. Sanitizing products are available at many local businesses, or they can easily be purchased online and added to your cleaning supplies.

When choosing the best office cleaning services, it is essential to consider all of your business’s needs. For example, if you have a medical office, you may want to look for a company that carries equipment specifically designed to sanitize medical rooms. If you have a dentist’s office, then look for one that provides deodorizers and other products designed to keep the office smelling fresh and professional. Whatever you need to keep your business running smoothly, make sure that you find good commercial office cleaning services. That is why it is important to hire the best office cleaning services to help you with your office cleaning in your office to be cleaned well and sanitized.