Congratulations on your bundle of joy! Amid the feeding, nappy changing, burping and soothing; mommies would surely agree that finding the perfect fit clothes and accessories for the little one is an equally daunting task. It is indeed no secret that shopping for baby clothes online can help one save out on a lot of money and time compared to the retail stores which have higher price points for the same products owing to the infrastructural facilities they provide to their customers; plus waiting for their year-end clearance sale also doesn’t make much sense. Therefore, to catch on branded baby clothes at the best bargain price look no further than the baby shopping websites which are just clicked away. With their doorstep delivery, easy return/ exchange policies, these websites are becoming the backbone of the baby clothing business in India. Unfortunately, every awesomeness comes with its own set of cons. It is nearly impossible to judge the attire’s fabric, fit and comfort from the images displayed on the websites. But not to worry; we provide you a guide on how to make sure that never happens:

Best Baby Clothing online

Get some accurate measurements of the baby and keep them up-to-date:

The first and foremost thing is to get appropriate measurements of the baby. Once you have the child’s proper size handy, buying clothes online would be a smooth walk. It is good to note that most brands have universal sizes but some maintain unique size measurements. The baby shopping websites clearly mention the sizes and their corresponding body measurements. Make sure to use a measuring tape to determine those inches correctly.

Opt for the right brands and always check the sizing charts:

As discussed earlier, different brands may have different size options. So be careful with the sizing charts. The cloth’s display image also helps to some extent because it mentions clearly about the model’s body statistics which acts as a comparison alongside the sizing chart.

Put together a list of brands, retailers, and designers we’ve bought before:

It’s a good practice to keep a tab on the brands, retailers, and designers from whom we have made purchases before. This will ease out the baby shopping website experience to a great extent. Their cuts and style will be already known to you and all that would be needed will be proper measurements of the baby. Alternatively, a quick visit to a store which houses most of these brands also helps as we can engage professional assistance for the baby’s body measurements and try out different brands to determine the sizing options.

Online shopping for baby clothes is a boon in disguise because let’s be honest; babies don’t enjoy shop hopping either do they have the ability to decide between which clothes to buy. Therefore, the baby shopping websites come to our rescue to help you stay away from the stress. It’s true that these baby shopping websites don’t come with a dressing room as a result whatever doesn’t fit needs to be returned or exchanged within the stipulated time, but with some modest planning and smart shopping, we can almost eliminate that as well.