How To Eat Hemp Seeds To Enjoy Their Full Benefits
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The hemp plant is incredible in many ways. We have already heard that it is an excellent source of CBD oil, tinctures, and can be used for pain relief. On top of this, the hemp flower produces seeds once it has fully matured. When consumed, they deliver numerous nutrients like:

  • Protein – Research confirms that hemp seeds are as good as soybeans when it comes to nutritional value. Thus, if you consume about 30g of hemp seeds today, you have supplied your body with almost 10g of protein. Because they have no side effects, they are recommended for people with high protein needs like athletes.
  • Omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats – One thing you will notice with hemp seeds is that they produce oil and are pressed to produce hemp seed oil. When they are consumed, you get to enjoy the omega 3 and 6 unsaturated fats. This helps in the proper growth of the brain in young people and can slow memory loss in old age.
  • Fiber – Although there are many sources of fiber that can be incorporated into the diet, hemp seeds deliver this nutritional value in a delicious way. As we are going to see, there are many ways of eating hemp seeds to enjoy these nutritional values. The more fiber you eat, the better off your stomach is going to be.

How to Eat Hemp Seeds

If you buy a hemp flower from the Berkshire CBD website or any other expert, they will deliver it with the seeds. Thus, you can take out the seeds to utilize them in your diet as you process the hemp flower to enjoy the CBD. There are many ways of incorporating it into the diet. Try one of the following ways:

Baking with hemp seeds – It is now popular to sprinkle hemp seeds on top of bread, cakes, and other pastries when baking them. The heat will activate the unsaturated fats and they become part of the nutritional value of the pastry.

Eating hemp seeds with a snack – If you are a person who snacks at 10 AM and 4 PM, consider sprinkling hemp oil onto almost any snack that you eat. But the best option is to add them on top of yogurt or ice cream as a topping. If you are not a fan of chewing whole seeds, you can grind them with a home grinder.

Adding them into drinks like smoothies, cocktails, fresh juices, or milk – Did you know that you can enrich your drink with hemp seeds? Most of these drinks are blended and you can mix them up with hemp seeds. With this, you will have gone an extra step of adding omega 3 and 6 into your diet. For bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts, this should be a crucial addition to boost the protein levels of the shake.


Apart from these popular ways of eating hemp seeds, you can also add them to salads, soups, and any other food. The best thing is that they retain their benefits no matter which way you choose to eat them.

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