How To Do Social Media Marketing

How to Do Social Media Marketing
How to Do Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing has become the best medium of marketing digital products these days. People rarely go for heavy hoardings or TV commercials. The biggest reason may be that through social media you can reach a much larger audience worldwide which is either impossible to do or very expensive by billboard and television advertisements.

Before you post anything on social media, read again as soon as possible to write and write, but make sure it means what you want to say.


You already know that Facebook has more than 1.6 billion users and is considered one of the best methods of digital marketing. However there are some restrictions on advertising by Facebook like you cannot put more than 20% text in the ad image and so on, still, it is quite convenient. You can choose your target audience by determining gender, location, and hoverboard charger for sale.

There is no doubt that Facebook advertising is a great way, but still, there are some options that can be quite useful. You can write a post and mention that share this post, like our page and we will pick some winners.

What will be the result?

You will also get lots of likes and good publicity. If you keep it once a week or month, you can get a lot of visitors to your page. I am not saying that all these people are customers, but once you have a lot of followers / visitors on your page, some of them may be customers.

Furthermore, I believe that a customer would like a page with the least number of followers. So, what you can do is you can attract people related to your business.

For example, if you own a graphic designing firm, you can create a graphic designing competition instead of just creating a shared competition. In this way, a lot of graphic designers can participate and create some cool stuff that will not only attract some designers but also some design hunters.

Once your page / group becomes popular you can start posting your products, but don’t bore them by posting your products all the time. Instead, post some fun things / facts or important links, some news or anything that won’t tell your page about the business. Keep something for everyone!


You can also do this on Twitter. Post your products but some other items as well. Make sure you check out your followers and some of their posts on Twitter and they can do the same for you. Post with images and videos instead of just text. They are really powerful!


Do you use Pinterest? This is really a great way to showcase your wares. Make a board and fill it with your product. Wait! Do not keep only your products. Other pins also work.

Basically, that’s how it works. You should add lots of pinners and you can make different boards. Keep one for your followers for yourself and then others and share your people on those boards. I am sure they would love to pin your products in return.


I recently learned about DeviantArt and it sounds great! Part of the deviation print in particular where you can share your design and people can buy it directly. Go to others and comment / like their creations and wait for their feedback on your designs.

Website blog

If you have a website this is a plus point. Keep a blog section there and make sure you have some important information or tips for visitors that may be useful to them.

It is always better to write something useful and then use your product with that information rather than mentioning your product directly. There is no better way to display your products than by showing your website.

Create a portfolio

As it is all yours, there are no restrictions so create a portfolio of your products and update them regularly. When your site becomes popular, you should use AdSense. As long as your website is popular and contains useful information, visitors will not feel like seeing some advertisements.

Finally, you should actually make slides and upload them to videos on SlideShare and YouTube. These two are stronger than you. You definitely know about the popularity of YouTube. Upload videos to your product, include quality and useful tips, learn how to use them, show some tutorials, and see results!

I should mention that Google Plus is a great way to showcase your products. Make sure you find an ideal community related to your products. Posting about your business in any popular community will not only restrict you but will also be a waste of time. So, find some communities related to your product and you think of a good way to promote