How to Become a PRINCE2 Project Manager Everyone Loves

The role of project manager is something that can seem pretty daunting to anyone at first. Everyone is going to want different things of you and it might seem as though you can’t win no matter what you do or say. Yet, there are some great ways of getting others on your side and becoming the sort of project manager that everyone loves to work with.  These tips are some of the things we teach on our PRINCE2 course.

The following are a few ideas that should start to get you on the right track in this respect. Which of them do you already carry out and which do you need to work on in the future?

Give Solutions That Make Life Easier

The role of project manager isn’t there to make life more complicated for everyone that you deal with. Rather, you are there to make their lives easier. Every project that you carry out should have the end goal of helping someone in one way or another. Does it make a process faster or a system easier to use, for example?

The same applies when you come across problems along the way. Don’t go back to your manager and stakeholders with a list of problems for them to solve. Instead, you should be going back to them with ideas or solutions that they appreciate.

If you do this then you will soon see how other people are happy to work with you. You will often be dealing with very busy senior management who need you to have confidence in you to sort out issues and report back to them as necessary. Don’t waste their time with things that you should be sorting out.

Help Your Team Members to Grow

Will your team members enjoy working with you too? There are several factors that will help to determine whether this is the case. One of the most important is how well you help them to grow in their roles. You can help their careers in different ways.

One sensible approach is to give them a variety of different tasks. This will allow them to grow their range skills and also to feel more comfortable doing a number of different things. On the other hand, sticking to one task all the time is going to severely limit anyone’s career.

You will also want to help each of your team members to get the training that they need, rather than throwing them in at the deep end. You then need to be there to offer help and support, especially during the difficult spells that just about every project suffers from.

Become an Expert

Will the people you work with feel that you are enough of an expert? Clearly, they want someone that they can trust handing their vital projects from now on. Are you going to be that person?

If you want to become a project manager that people love to work with then you need to convince them of your credentials in this field. Have you completed your PRINCE2 course and any other courses needed for your professional development?

Once you get started on your own projects it should become easier to show your levels of expertise. There is no need to show off or grandstand at meetings, though. By being quietly efficient and completely reliable you will win over the people you work with sooner or later.


Everyone wants to work with good project managers who do the right things and can be trusted. If you show that you meet this criteria then you will soon discover that the people you work with enjoy having you on their side.  Why not try a certified PRINCE2 course to improve your PM skills?

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