Become A LEGO Designer

Who does not know what LEGO brand is? Of course every child and adult knows the LEGO products as every one of us has played with them and has built castles and cars out of these blocks. They have come a long way from kids’ tools to the adult’s activity for building structures. The LEGO brand is uniquely specializing in kids’ education and learning models at its base for decades.

They have been improving the building blocks since commencing and still are at the center of curiosity for kids and adults alike. In case you are an advanced builder or AFOL, read the Technicstory review about SBricks and Buwizz controllers that expand your building experience of motorization models.

The basics:

To begin with, you need to be interested in playing with the LEGO bricks even as an adult will encourage you to build advanced designs or models.

1. Education:

High scores starting from your school level, with math and science, are essential if you are keen on becoming a designer as these subjects are relevant for this job. A degree in engineering with robotics as a subject would be a perfect combination.

2. Creative mindset:

You need to be good at art and having knowledge of the subject would put you on a better level even as an entrant.

3. Think fun!

If you dream of becoming a designer for the LEGO brand, the basic requirement is that you have to think about how you can bring in interesting features all the time. They have a reason behind this. How can you create without having the attribute inside you? So, this is essential!

4. Willing to learn:

Apart from learning from the existing designs and models, try developing new models or products which are not available in the LEGO line. You can learn more by looking at the retractable free website that is available and you can get to improve what you know.

5. Get noticed:

Get to know people in the design circles like Lachlan Cameron, Nathaniel Kuipers, and Pawel Sariel Kmiec by attending the workshops that they provide or by watching their videos online as well as by reading their ebooks that are available online. You can also get exposure by taking part in competitions and a win will get you noticed.

6. Be aware:

Keep track of the job notifications so that you do not miss the opportunity to apply. Knowledge of the LEGO Company would convey your seriousness and responsibility during the interview. Being attached to playing with the bricks would mean that you will be able to design for them as well.

7. Be ready:

A portfolio with your own models would reflect your passion for LEGO. Hence will make it attractive and grab their attention. When you are confident of your qualifications, you can be proactive and apply for a position at LEGO without waiting till the advertisement is there.

In all, you need to be able to convince them of your passion for the LEGO brand. Show them how you connect with the LEGO bricks right from childhood till now. More than anything people across the table should know that you are valuable for them. Tell them that no one else will fit the job as you do. By applying your own model on the official website would make your passion visible. It it gets more than 10,000 upvotes, the brand would consider producing your model.

By Punit