How The Right Home Studio Setup Can Produce A Platinum Album

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Remember the nostalgic Bon Iver album, For Emma, Forever Ago that went platinum last year? It happens to be the home recording success story of the decade and all it took was some basic equipment, an incredible falsetto voice, and visionary musical craftsmanship to put together. But Bon Iver wasn’t the first to put together a successful home-based recording and won’t be the last. Discover how others are setting up their own home studios and making those soundwaves count across all music platforms.

Finding The Right Space

Setting up a home studio can be a daunting task but if done step by step, will take shape in no time at all. The first thing to consider is the musical triangle, which allows the listener, or in this case, the producer, to sit in equal distance from each of the two biggest speakers, which are also equal distance apart. This setup is triangular and essential to hearing the right sound as it would when it’s being recorded. The speakers and a good set of headphones are important to ensure all the nuances in the music is picked up.

Pairing Up Music Devices With Software

Where previously a large amount of equipment was needed to record instruments, nowadays recording software takes the stress out of the process. Instruments such as guitars plug into an interface which is then connected to the laptop or PC. These, in turn, have software that allows producers or musicians to mix their music according to their personal preferences. Software such as Ableton, GarageBand, and Reaper are both affordable and easy to use.

Invest In Smart Equipment

While electronic drum kits are already on the cards for home studios, a more electronic version of the guitarist’s pedalboard is finally available. Hands-free and easy to program, it works well with music mixing software to produce the exact tone musicians are after. It’s hard to believe that a full guitar rig can exist in a single device, but technology has already proven itself invaluable to the home studio. The pricing keeps this item well within a home-studio budget.

A home studio can come in at around $10,000 and provide the producer with access to all the software and hardware they may require for ultimate sound. Clever layout and the ability to use the acoustics of the room to the full will help in the production, but with all that equipment doing a few tweaks and electronic updates are quite simple.