One of the leading precursors of sprinkler tank repair is a leak. Common in older tanks, this is an issue that should never be ignored. Acting promptly will reduce damage, save water and, essentially, protect the long-term integrity of a sprinkler system. It can also save money.

Often incorrectly considered a signal that a sprinkler tank needs replacing, a simple inspection can determine if the tank can be repaired. Experts say any leak should be investigated without delay. They recommend calling in an independent specialist, who can quickly assess the cause of a leak and suggest a suitable remedy.

Poor maintenance can exasperate a problem, if it has been allowed to fester undetected. The best way to prevent a leak is to have a tank inspected on an annual basis. An expert will use advanced technology to carry out detailed checks underwater. As well as measuring the thickness of a tank’s walls, an inspection will reveal if any corrosion is present and check the condition of valves and other important components.

When a leak is detected

Anyone responsible for a site with a sprinkler tank should keep contact details of a nationwide specialist to hand. If sprinkler tank repair is going to be an option, calling a specialist as soon as a leak is found should be a priority. A good contractor will arrange an inspection as a matter of urgency. Common reasons given for putting off making that call include:

  • Cost concerns
  • Disruption
  • Downtime

The fact is that all three of these will undoubtedly occur if a problem is ignored. Some people try to fix an issue themselves or simply put off taking any action at all. Both of these courses of action are considered high risk by professionals who work with sprinkler tanks every day.

Dealt with quickly, a thorough inspection will not require a tank to be drained – something that saves water and ensures a sprinkler system is not compromised. If sprinkler tank repair is a viable option, any disruption can be planned for in advance. This reduces risks.

Not every tank is suitable for repair. However, those recommended for remedial action can last for at least another decade.

Corrosion and sprinkler tank repair

Corrosion is a leading cause of leaks and weak spots in sprinkler tanks. Considered a natural process, it is the result of round-the-clock exposure to water. Oxidisation and other chemical reactions lead to rust. This, in turn, can significantly weaken the structure over a period of time. Regular inspections will detect corrosion from the earliest stage, giving site owners an opportunity to prevent more serious damage from occurring.

Tools used to gauge the condition of a tank’s walls include ultrasound and underwater cameras. An independent inspector will supply written and photographic evidence to clearly detail the extent of any corrosion or other problem. Based on the recommendations made following an inspection, sprinkler tank repair can include:

  • Refurbishment
  • Relining
  • Removal and replacement

Refurbishment often involves restoring the condition of a tank and relining it. This process requires a tank to be drained but the whole procedure is often completed in less than a week. However, it will depend on a number of factors including the size, shape and location / accessibility of a tank.

The consensus among specialists is that the sooner a leaking sprinkler tank is inspected, the better the chances of a robust repair being an option. As well as saving time and minimising any upheaval, refurbishment or repair is much more cost-effective. Work carried out by a recognised specialist will be guaranteed too, so you can look forward to years of peace of mind.

The benefits of fixing a leaking sprinkler tank

As well as ensuring the long-term integrity of water supply to a fire sprinkler system, sprinkler tank repair saves water. Over time, even a small leak can lead to the loss of a considerable amount of water. This isn’t just costly; it is a waste of a precious resource. Knock-on effects include water damage and the potential to cause further damage to a tank.

If you find a leak in your sprinkler tank, don’t put off seeking qualified advice. Ideally, budget for a yearly inspection by an accredited specialist. This low-cost preventative measure can tackle issues as they occur, save water and save money. Importantly, it will ensure your sprinkler system works in an emergency.

When searching for a recognised expert, ensure they use ROV equipment. This will mitigate the need for a tank to be drained and ensure there is no disruption to water supplies to fire-fighting equipment.

Planned maintenance is always better than having to deal with a badly corroded, leaking sprinkler tank. Knowing that your tank may not have to be dismantled, removed and replaced, and could last for many more years, is the best incentive to pick up the phone and book an inspection.

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