How NGOs Start and Work in India

While we are familiar with the acronym NGO, not many know the actual scope of their work. We are, however, aware of the type of work they do but not of how they do it. In fact, many of us even desire to be a part of social work organizations, to shoulder our social responsibilities, but due to lack of awareness, we are not able to do so.

What are NGOs

How NGOs Start

By definition, an NGO or a Non-Governmental Organisation might refer to either to a group, an organization or any non-profit entrepreneurship or establishment consisting of people, activists and social persons who voluntarily give time to help others. These individuals or groups of individuals are mainly associated with social development and the social welfare of the society as a whole.

Vision and mission

The vision and mission of NGO India remain the same. They work for and remain committed to the

  • Attainment of social justice especially for the oppressed and the poor,
  • Achieving sustainable development especially in the living conditions and way of life of the economically challenged people and
  • Fighting for human rights especially for women, elder people, children, physically and mentally challenged people, etc.

How do NGOs earn

Since each NGO is a nonprofit organization, generally there is always a gap between the money that they require to earn and what they actually earn. But instead of getting disheartened or daunted by this aspect, today members of NGOs are coming up with innovative methods to earn the funds required like:

  • Fund generation through collaboration with international and local donor agencies like WHO, UNESCO, etc.,
  • Accepting donations and collaborating with the public as well as private sectors,
  • Coming up with schematic projects based on social up-gradation and working closely with the related government agency in a chosen underprivileged area or region,
  • Generating mass media campaigns to raise social awareness among people of the society and urging them to come forward to help,
  • Entrepreneurship or new self start-ups based on professional skill development of a particular section of the society and marketing those products to earn money for the NGO as well as the people making those products etc.

Joining an NGO

Joining an NGO is quite easy and any person with time to spare for the society can work for or with an NGO of their choice. The first step is to understand and be ready for the level of commitment that is required when working for an NGO. Then an NGO working on a person’s pet welfare project needs to be zeroed on and approached. Once they approve, the person can start working directly with them. They can either opt for a full-time engagement or opt to be a part of specific projects which they believe in.

Working for NGOs gives an insight into what life is all about. In fact seeing the way the underprivileged, the economically backward or the physically challenged people cope with their day to day lives, is indeed a humbling experience. There are valuable lessons to be learned from these, which makes for a stronger, more compassionate human being who stays connected to his roots, no matter what life has in store for him.