We come across so many news articles and stories about how senior citizens in India are not being treated well, facing negligence and constant threats to their existence. Some cases are quite disturbing. To mitigate such problems and improve the elder health care in India, various non-governmental organisations have over the years done some commendable jobs with exemplary vigour. This is to say that the progress is unstoppable, given the humongous population our country has with over 100 million people aged 60 and above. Read through some of the steps being taken by all such organisations to improve senior citizen health care in India.

Setting up senior citizen homes

Whether they are day-care homes or permanent stay for displaced aged individuals, the homes, ever since their inception, have done some respectable job to give shelter to suffer aged people. They have delegated caregivers who help the residents in their daily errands, talk with them and make them feel homely. These homes also organise some regular activities for the people as it’s deemed to keep them active which is good for their declining health and also alienate from the feeling of just being confined within four walls.

Spreading awareness

This is a very important step taken by various NPOs and charitable organisations to create a better world for the ageing population. Educating the masses is of immense importance. Since we now reside in the digital age, the dissemination of information via social media has become more flexible. Plus, the youth of today is more aware than it used to be earlier so any social message spreads like wildfire these days. Awareness always helps; this helps any suffering individual to learn about his/her rights or informs people in general so that one or a group of individuals can help an elderly person in a dire situation.


Donations are substantial when it comes to welfare for a certain section of a society. This is needless to say that charitable and non-profitable organisations function mostly by the donations they receive from people, government or fundraising events. Therefore, to keep the resources running, especially in the case of senior citizens where depleting health conditions demand medical attention, where hospital or medical bills are to be paid, such donations are the instruments which keep the organisations running. As per 80G of the IT Act, 1961, you can also receive donation tax exemption as per the guidelines.

Organisations which work with the motive of helping the old and isolating them from the perils of the society are doing honourable jobs and are worthy of respect because, in contrast, you’re probably aware of how ageing parents are ill-treated or oppressed in their households. Ergo, I personally say that it’s not an easy job to run an organisation for social upliftment that depends solely on donations. Empathy and compassion are what all we need and can definitely put an end to all turmoil that elderly people are recipients of.