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How much does it Cost to Travel to Yala Safari

Most of us are eagerly planning a wildlife trip to see many animals roaming near the road and get excitements. In addition to this, the individuals are planning to Yala Safari which almost covers their desires by means of wildlife creatures. Of course, the Yala combines a strict nature reserve area with a national park. It is now divided into 5 blocks; the park has been nearly covered 130,000 hectares of land consisting of forest, scrubs, grasslands, tanks, and lagoons. Apart from 5 blocks, two blocks are currently opened for the public to view the nature and wild animals all around. The Yala National Park is situated in Sri Lanka and gathers attention on the panoramic Indian Ocean. It was designated a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and was designed a national park in 1933. Among its more famous residents, the destination is well suitable for families to enjoy a lot.

Best time to visit Yala Safari

On the other hand, the National Park was surrounded by the biggest concentration of leopards, majestic elephants, sloth bears, peacocks, Jackals, Sambars, crocodile and much more. It is really good to see the most forest and wildlife creatures around the forest. The best time to visit the National Park is between February and July. When the water levels of parks are quite low, the animals are open to walk and search preys. Besides animals, varieties of mammals and 215 bird species. You could explore the Yala national park safari booking by the professional guide and make a trip with your buddies. It is considered as the most rainfall season between September and December. It is especially visited during the monsoon season based on the forester’s suggestions.

The terrain explained

Apart from this, Yala is a hot and semi-arid environment for seeing the lush greenish look and sits with nature during Monsoon season. Almost temperature ranges from 260C to about 300C. This is managed by gathering overall results and land gives up its green top beauty and mystery always. You could also connect with natural grasslands and shrubs which are meeting with different things explore as per the requirements. This is, however, the best time visits the Safari booking without any risks. It is a thick forest cover and totally set with prying eyes on many animals.

Price of Yala National Park Safari booking

The entrance fees for Yala national park safari booking is approximately Rs.3000/person. According to the travel expenditure, Jeep Safari for half day package is Rs.5000/jeep. It is also applicable for a full day trip which is estimating up to Rs.9000. This is packed by operators and includes lunches accordingly. It could take in mind which is strongly recommended to pay for half day because of the comfortable journey for everyone. But, it is very sunny between 9 Am and 3 Am so there is nothing to see in the wild forest. Animals will shed themselves at the hot time and you cannot see anything in the forest.

If you are sharing the jeep with other people, it costs less and occupies by others. In case of privacy, you can book own jeep and pay expensively for Yala National Park Safari booking. It could best experience when you pick almost fees during the visit. It makes you find ever forgettable trip found at Yala forest. Most importantly, the price may vary if you are choosing a full day or half day trip. Among different participants, the package may differ and it turned to gather attention on limited Yala national park safari price about specific range. Also, they add 13% and the final bill will be given to you.


  • Entrance fee for tourists is Rs.2, 000
  • Entrance fee for Sri Lankans: Rs.60
  • “Entrance fee’ of the vehicle: Rs.250
  • Service charge: Rs.1, 050
  • Plus tax 13%

Costs of hiring a jeep with driver (pay separately to the driver):

  • 5000 Rs for half a day
  • 10 000 Rs for the whole day

On the other hand, tourists pay the driver entrance fee which almost prefers a guide along with the Safari. The park bill will be set totally and pay at the counter. With two local guides, the Yala national park safari price is listed above for your kind reference. When it is planning as a team, the cost will be divided by the average person and pay. The Safari in Yala National Park is the best experience and payment details are affordable to spend at the Park. You could see 44 species of mammals as well as birds.  

4 Entry Points to Yala National Park Safari

Yala National Park is located in the Southeast of the Island at a distance of 270km from Colombo. You could also rent rooms at Yala national park safari cost rs.2500 and has several advantages. It brings forth Jungle activity which is almost getting attention on freshness and ready to mingle with forest land. The tourists can also hire local helpers who will prepare foods in a tasty and delicious way. They are collecting only homemade items for foods and rich in healthy foods.

The best time to begin safari is morning and shortened as a half-day option. It must end around noon because of a hot situation. If you are going as a large group, choose the whole day and most of the animals gather in the afternoon. Of course, it is not meant that half day safari is boring. If you wish to go on the safari, then choose the local guide and ask Yala national park safari cost. It always deserves the Yala National Safari always delivering first class results to the buddies. You can stay at guesthouse available for your perfect accommodation and point towards the affordable charges.

There are four gates to the Park such as Gates at Palatupana and Katagamuwa which is leading blocks 1 and 2. They are supposed to call most visited entrance gates. The Two gates at Galge and Buttala Kataragama, on the other hand, covering blocks 3 and 4. They are known as frequent sightings of leopards on these routes and it becomes thrilling. Apart from leopards, you can also see the elephants on the roads and collecting soliciting fruits from tourists