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How MMA Keeps You Fighting

To call the recent clash between Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather and Colin ‘Notorious’ McGregor the event of the year is a bit of an understatement. Around fifty million people are thought to have tuned in on the 26th of August, with a sizeable three million choosing to pirate the fight or watch it on illegal streams.

As a cultural event, it was huge. For the worlds of boxing and MMA, the stakes were unusually high. We all know the outcome. The young pretender was schooled by the undefeated boxing champion of the world. Yet, far from being a loss for MMA, it placed a spotlight on the sport, and there is greater interest in it now than ever before.

Keep reading to find out why MMA (mixed martial arts) has become one of the most popular ways to get fit and shed unwanted pounds.

Great for Balance and Stability

MMA is highly effective when it comes to increasing balance and stability. After all, you won’t manage all those spinning kicks if you can’t stay on your feet. It trains the hip, lower leg stabilizer, and core muscles all at the same time. Practice for long enough, and you’ll develop stronger joints and efficient, powerful muscles. There’s even evidence that regular MMA sessions decrease the propensity for joint related aches and pains.

The Perfect Way to Boost Endurance

As far as cardio goes, you don’t get much better than MMA. It is a grueling sport because so many dynamic, high-intensity movements are packed into short rounds. We saw this with Colin McGregor during the right. MMA fighters are explosive when fresh out of the gates because they’re trained to pile a lot of energy into fast paced, high endurance rounds.

Finding That Explosive Power

No matter where you train, it’s important to have the right tools. Yes, MMA is different to boxing, but there’s still a great deal of power in every blow. Certainly, while you’re learning, you should think about investing in protective headgear. Try for affordable, high-quality equipment and remember that fighting requires good decision-making skills, as well as the ability to hit hard.

Becoming Supple and Flexible

MMA fighters are remarkably flexible. Unlike boxers, who restrict movement to their hands and feet, these athletes know how to turn every limb into a weapon. In fact, the variability of movement is essential, because it helps to maintain endurance and prevent injury. So, while it’s not exactly yoga, you will become more flexible if you practice MMA.

The Fastest Legs in the Room

Let’s not forget the incredible speed that the best MMA fighters can muster. If you train hard, you’ll develop this too. With your increased stamina and flexibility, you’ll be able to bust out smoother moves and transitions. They don’t say that MMA is a form of dancing for no reason. It’ll teach you how to throw punches, kicks, and jabs faster than you thought possible.