It’s very simple at Bajaj Finserv to obtain a Personal Loan for chartered accountants. It offers a loan amount up to Rs.35 lakhs in a span of about 24 hours and does not demand any collateral. Additional benefits like doorstep services and Flexi loan make it more convenient for you. The loan can be used for extravagant wedding ceremonies, to go for a foreign vacation, to rebuild your home splendidly, for funding your children’s education in foreign universities, consolidation of current debts and many more such expenditures.

Commercial Loan Application

The beneficial features of a CA loan at Bajaj Finserv are:

1. A loan amount up to Rs.35 lakh

Now you will be able to fulfill all requirements with a loan amount of Rs.35 lakh

2. Get the amount credited in just 24 hours

Once the loan is approved you will have the amount transferred to the bank account in only about 24 hours.

3. Flexi Loan facilities

You can withdraw the funds whenever you want to and repay the loan amount as soon as you have spare funds. You are only required to pay the interest on the money you spent.

4. Minimal documentation

You are required to submit only a few documents to the representative who will collect them from your home.

5. No Collateral required for this loan

The loan does not need any collateral nor does it need a guarantor, making it easier for your convenience.

6. Flexible repayment tenures

It has a lengthy tenure of 12 to 60 months. So it helps in lining up the EMIs you have according to your convenience.

7. Pre-approved offers

There are offers designed for you and already approved so that you make use of most of the benefits of your loan.

8. Online account for your loan

You can access your account for the loan by logging into the portal for borrowers. So many of you may be thinking about how tenure impacts your repayment burden. While taking a personal loan, you must select your repayment plans carefully and preferably should go for a short repayment period so as to incur less burden of the interest rate for a CA loan. In spite of the fact that the EMIs in a short tenure design will be higher than the plan with a more extended tenure yet you pay considerably lesser interest. You can also lessen the burden by part payment.

How do personal Loan part payment works?

Part Payment of a Personal Loan is the point at which one pays no less than 3 EMIs without a moment’s delay. The benefits of this are:

• Decreases the Personal Loan EMIs
• Decreases the tenure of your Personal Loan

So the question is when should you do part payment of the Personal Loan?

• When you get a lot of cash, you can utilize it to clear your Personal Loan considerably sooner than the stipulated time.
• You can clear this when you get a pay reward or obtain a legacy, a blessing, etc.

Now let’s do a quick calculation of your impact by doing part payment before proceeding:

• Before proceeding, in the first place check the effect of part payment on the Personal Loan for CA.
• Fill the fundamental details on the Bajaj Finserv site in part prepayment calculator.

Here’s a case of how a section payment can help the burden of reimbursement:

• For a moment, on the off chance that you have acquired Rs.2 lakh for two years, your EMI will be Rs.9,603 for a month.
• So if you make a section installment of Rs.40,000 you will be left with an EMI of Rs.7,682 for a similar tenure of two years.
• Or you may proceed with the same EMI of Rs.9603 and pay the advance off with a lessened time period of 19 months rather than two years.

Are there charges demanded to a limited extent installment of your Personal Loan?

The appropriate response is:

• Absolutely no charges on the off chance that you make the part installment after the principal EMI.
• Only a 2% section prepayment charge is appropriate on the part installment paid by you before the main EMI leeway.
• There are zero section installment charges for the Pure FLEXI and Flexi advances.