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I have a business development firm. It was just a startup and I wanted to increase and grow my firm to achieve more business. For any startups when it comes to hiring, it becomes difficult to find candidates. Same scenario was with our firm, we wanted to hire candidates but it we were not able to hire our desired candidates. We spent too much in advertising and many job portals, still it did not help us. We also had off campus in different colleges, but still it did not work out.

But then, one of my friend who was the HR in other company helped me out. I asked him earlier for the job portal site where I can easily hire candidates. So then he suggested me about the, a great resource for free job posting that can enable recruiters to not only find quality candidates but will help managers determine the availability of qualified workers before expansion of project begins. Another positive attribute of is the data mining capability it exists. Free job posting allowed me to pursue the access to the resume database which made me easily hire the candidate. Since finding a qualified candidate is much akin to marketing a great product, free job posting with Jobpoket can helped me out to hire for their company to achieve quality candidates.

It was very easy to use Jobpoket with its simple hiring process. I just registered with the and then created my company profile which made easy for candidates to identify my company. Then, just I started with the free job posting. Once I have done with the free job posting I started receiving responses from candidates within 24hrs of my posting. So, employers or recruiters I would like to suggest that is the best recruiting tool for hiring candidates.

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