Google Ranks Sites

All the secrets and information is about to be unleashed. The mystery is over and the riddles are exposed to illustrate you how your site is placed in Google

  • Links have always played a significance in shaping sites worth. Links pointing to your site help estimate the value of a document. The more links directing towards something of implication is shown as a greater significance. Though, [search engine] continues to add some additional standards to always keep ahead of the game.
  • In the precise years, the amount of incoming traffic or links have reached higher outcomes, but an additional twist has been rather or not the incoming traffic is quality and benefit searchers. This kind of action was becoming very prevalent, with a lot of black hat SEO tricks which made it tougher for searchers to find what they were looking for. And the end result was low quality for [search engines].
  • Due to this kind of action, a tendency of long last domain names and sites playing more of an influence in quality and links. [Search engine] has picked up on this notion, and is starting to track the age of a not only a domain but also what content the site holds. This factor is to stop the idea of constructing a site one day, and the next day to have hundreds of links the next. [Search engine] are looking for more natural link building instead of automatic computer-created links.
  • The idea of age with the mix of the long-lasting good quality history of content and links are helping contest against the spam sites. Spam sites can be put together in seconds with hundreds of links and could be up and running well one day and the next day they completely vanish. The less life or age of a site that has been up and running on the Internet is not very fascinating to the [search engine] these days.
  • [search engine] are observing how long the site has been up and running, the quality of decent content is it helping visitor info that they are looking for, and the process of adding valued links. Over time and as your site nurtures you will also want to continue structure different titles for your links.
  • Over time [search engine] will glare upon the same old text in a link. The impression behind this is the fact that no one is actually adding or altering new titled links. For example, hotel rooms is repeated over and over, and are not changed over time this will decline.[Search engine] are looking for fresh and new content, so the idea of varying titles or link anchors is highly suggested through the years. Ideally, it’s recommended to add keywords and keyword titles in your link anchors using specific of the 5 -7 keywords. This helps keep fresh, focused traffic and ranking.

So for the keyword hotel rooms we could add other keyword titles such as:

  • Economy hotels
  • discount hotels
  • Hotel reservations
  • Hotel charges
  • Hotel agreements

This helps keep things focused on hotels and hotel rooms while accumulating a great mix of different keyword titles. To be prosperous these days and at the top of [search engine], you must discontinue thinking today of instant links, link spam, and creating instantaneous traffic and start thinking elongated slow building process.

  • Key Roles are Still Niche of Keywords

The placing of keywords through value content is the best way to go. Picking the suitable keywords to be placed on your pages, links and tags is still a very vital piece in the success of your site. Again, newness is mostly what [search engine] apprise so with this in mind continue to check and change keywords all through your site. It has been proposed by several [search engine] that 5% to 7% keyword density each page. Also, don’t get too many keywords per page, it’s all about targeting and focus one or two related keywords.

  • Continue to Update Repeatedly

The question here is when was that last time your site has been restructured or altered? If the answer is over a month then you have your work cut off for you. The original idea again is extensive term process, so it’s not constructing a site with all this content from the start and just letting it sit and do nothing. It’s slowly accumulation and building information over time.

The [search engine] is considering a site that is fresh and that will stay fresh. So, for example, you update your site with 20 new pages at the commencement of every month, but don’t touch until next month. This type of performance is picked up by the [search engine] and may not keep your site steady. Though, where a site is adding content on a weekly or day-to-day and is keeping content steadily coming this could be seen by [search engine] as stable. Slow and steady triumphs over the [search engines]

Experts have specified in the past that trying new keywords or modernized content goes a lot beyond than hit or miss fluctuations to your site. Put yourself as an Internet user, do you continue to stopover the page that never changes, are you visiting the sites that update with news, information, and etc. Which one do you feel is more engaging to visitors and [search engines]? Though, the idea of updating and changing your old pages makes it fresh to your visitors.

Now don’t get us mistaken and go changing all your old outdated site pages. While your site is drawing or fetching good traffic and continues to surge that’s a great sign that you’re doing the right thing. What’s not broke don’t try to fix it. Though, if you have noticed this page or that page traffic is slowly decreasing then it might be time to do some keyword adjusting or a new update.

Domain Age

This is a new and fresh idea that domain age is becoming more interesting to [search engines]. The idea is approaching from a long, quality, the process of building a great site. [Search engine] are looking and liking more and more stability even in the domain name. With this I suggest don’t be totally afraid to change your sites domain name. Though note that this is a new aspect that [search engine] is going to be looking for more. Also, look into special proportions of long term domain registration, and this could save you some money as well. Lastly, note that shifting hosting has no effort on any [search engine] standings or anything.

Word Press Tip

Here are two easy and practical ways of building quality links while using word press.

1.) Link to Me Text box plugin – this is a simple word press plugin which gives the visitor the option to link to your site, this is a great way to get you more links and even greater ranking in the [search engines].

2.) Setup Links Manager so that your blog roll links will change. That’s right, this is a simple step to take in accumulating distinctiveness to your blogs.

Adding these two features on your word press blog will linger to build that process towards link building that the [search engine] are looking for.


CTR or click-through rate plays another characteristic of what [search engine] records and adds to the total ranking of your site. To fully understand CTR is a number of times visitors actually click through to your site. This type of information or the CTR helps determine how you come to stopover the site. Meaning did the present visitor type in a keyword from a [search engine] and then click to your site, or was it from a link from a different website, or etc. Also, CTR is always looking for original and fresh content and what is being visited the most.

  • Visitors Conduct, Traffic Record, and Yourself Visitors coming back around or not are always tested. [Search engine] are always inspecting how much time is spent on your site, where did your visitors come from, are your visitors clicking through sites or ads, and bookmarking your website. Along with what current searches or keywords are your visitors typing in to come to your site.

Traffic is detailed telling [search engine] which sites and pages are drawing your visitors. But “yourself” also plays an important role in determining how effective your site will be towards the [search engines]. For example, does the website info match up to the information that you added on the domain recording? The geographic of our website could help you focus your target. Have you ever had or checked into making sure your IP host address is safe and not being pooled with any spammers. That’s right, more and more spammers are coming alongside and if they happen to be on your IP host address this could punish your site as well.

Looking professional is a must in traits of spelling, grammar, association, and good solid code or CSS design are all a must for accomplishment.

  • What’s Hot and What’s Not

[Search engine] are becoming smarter and cannier, and now even following what’s hot and what’s not in our nation, our searches, and etc. Such as, What’s Hot right now is “American Idol” and yes still “Sanjay”, or it’s now presently the NBA playoffs. Though these are only fashions or trends in our culture. So if your website is dealing with spring or summer vogues or trends, note that in winter your site could be a little slower. Yet, combining keywords that will add quality to your website, and are of trend or fashion could add popularity and charisma to your website, but just don’t overdo it and keep them up to date with recent trends.

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