Dubai, London, Paris, New York, Cape Town, and Milan are the names that come to mind when one thinks about the most beautiful cities in the world. Some are old, some are new, but each of them has unique aspects that make it stand out as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Dubai has its post-modern structures, Cape Town has its incredible mountain and ocean backdrop, Paris has its ancient architecture and Parisian culture, and London has its old statuesque buildings and structures that reek of regal class. What about Hong Kong? How does this incredible city stack up?

For starters, Hong Kong has a very unique skyscraper-studded skyline. In fact, Hong Kong is the city with the largest number of skyscrapers; 7650 to be exact. Like other great cities on that list, its architecture stands out. Its immense skyscrapers overlook the ocean against a backdrop of the sunset and sunrise giving the city a unique glow. At night, the city is a brightly lit mecca of buildings that seem to come to life.

Hong Kong is one of the few cities in the world that is both a cosmopolitan city and a tropical paradise. You can cruise on a boat, dive off the coast, hike up a mountain and then paraglide off it, lounge on the beach, and still have time to paint the town red at night. You can do all this cash-free. In Hong Kong, all you need is an octopus card for you to use public transportation, eat, shop, and use vending machines.

The beauty of a city is deeper than just the beauty of its streets and buildings. Hong Kong is home to two rival theme parks that go out of their way to give the city’s residents a lot of entertainment throughout the year and terror during Halloween. The two amusement parks; Disney Park and Ocean Park, not only contribute to the city’s economy, they are enthralled in the most intense rivalry in modern history. Together, they add to the fun modern culture that makes Hong Kong innately beautiful.

Every one of the most beautiful cities in the world has one thing that truly stands out about it. That thing for Hong Kong might just be the traditional hong kong massage. It is one of the most popular demands for people who visit Hong Kong because it’s world-famous in its excellence and rejuvenation.

One thing that makes a city beautiful is the structure that stands out. Dubai has the Burj Al Arab, New York has the Empire State Building and Hong Kong has the Tsing Ma Bridge. It is the world’s longest and heaviest road and rail suspension bridge in the world. It is a statuesque, beautiful, and timeless addition to the incredible city’s aesthetic.

Great cities beget great cuisine. Hong Kong has the highest per capita concentration of restaurants and cafes. It has 1 restaurant for every 600 people making the people of Hong Kong the best-fed people on earth. But that’s not all, the food itself is exquisite.

To answer the question of how Hong Kong stacks up, the incredible city certainly holds its own. In fact, whether or not to give it the top spot simply depends on a person’s taste because, by all means, Hong Kong is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet.