Digital Signature

If you talk about paper signature, then it can easily be copied by an expert. And any fraudulent work can be done. And many people will have benefited from it a lot.But when it comes to digital signature, it can never be copied. Nor can it be tampered with. Nowadays, the government is getting people through all the services, e-governance.Income, caste residence certificate, voter card, upper card, pan card were first signature. But now all this work is being done by digital signature. So there is no scope for suspicion on this.

What is Digital Signature ?

In this, computer key or key is generated using public key algorithm. Which is a public and the other is private. And both are linked to each other. And then with the help of signing software, signature of one way hash is created. After this the hash is encrypted with the help of a private key. And that’s what we call digital signature.

It can be tempered with paper signature but with digital signature this is not possible. If someone even tries to tempering with it then it will come in handy.

How Digital Signature works ?

It differs greatly from paper signature, where we use pen and paper in paper signature. In the same digital signature, the software generated public key is used. That is, digital signature is a type of computer code. Which can only be used by an authorized person. A user ID and password are required to use it. It also requires a dongle.

The value of hash is unique, and if someone tries to tempering with its hash value then its value will change. And due to no data match at the time of validation, it will be detected that it has been tempered with it. And it’s not worth the confidence.

Is it safe ?

The use of digital signature is completely safe. There should be no doubt in this. Because its private key is made of cryptographic tokens and it always remains inside it.

A PIN is also required with the cryptographic token to access it. If you do not share your cryptographic token and PIN with anyone, then your digital signature is completely secure.

Benefits of Digital Signature ?

  • We have already said that digital signature is linked with the private key. And it can not use any other. So it turns out that who is the real owner of the document.
  • If someone does a digital signature in a document, then it can not refuse later that this signature is not his. Or it can not say that signature is bogus.
  • If someone is tempered in this, then he gets to know. And it is impossible to copy it.

┬áIn today’s time digital signature is being used from official documents to e-mails. Because it gives the authenticity of any document’s authenticity, tempering with it etc.