How Cancer Affects Dental Health and Oral Health

Oral diseases are a common problem among cancer patients. There are so many complications in a cancer patient and these complications lead them to dental problems that can include mouth sores, infection, dry mouth, sensitive gums and jaw pain. It is a known phenomenon that the dental health is very important for us. The dental health effects the overall health of a person in unimaginable ways and one should take all the measures in his hand to take care of their dental health. If you do not have a dentist already then you can book an appointment in the dental hospitals in Hyderabad and get the best dental treatment.


How cancer affects the mouth

Cancer is a serious illness and the treatment, chemotherapy can go on for a very long period of time. The treatment is also very particular and can weaken the immune system. People who suffer from dental issues before they are detected of cancer can have more complications in the treatment and if the infection is quite serious, it can also delay the cancer treatment.

Another common thing in the cancer treatment is the radiation therapy. The therapy is mostly around the head and the neck and the harmful radiations can damage the salivary glands. This thickens the saliva and makes it more sticky, which leaves the mouth dry and makes it vulnerable to the bacteria. This increases the chances of tooth decay and infection in the mouth.

Maintaining the health of the mouth after the cancer treatment is very important. This way you can lessen the side effects and it would also improve the chances of overall healing.

You need to take equal care of your mouth before, during and after the treatment if you want to maintain your oral health. Here are the ways in which you can take care of your mouth in every situation:

Before the treatment

You need to do all you do always to ensure proper oral health. Which means you brush and floss regularly, you stay away from tobacco as it is worse for both the conditions. You must add nutritional food in your diet as it would give you the strength you need for the treatment. It also helps in fighting the harmful bacteria in the mouth and keeps you away from all the serious problems.

During the treatment

There can be some side effects of the treatment that you could have to deal with. As mentioned earlier, the treatment for cancer is really strong and can be harmful for your mouth. If you notice dry mouth, sensitivity in your tooth or mouth sores, you should visit your dentist and get is checked. The radiations from the treatment are strong and are the reason behind them.

After the treatment

Once the treatment is done, that is time you need to take care of your mouth the most. Patients are suggested to visit their dentists regularly after the treatment to ensure that no infection harmful enough for your mouth is building up. Since dry mouth is a common side effect of the cancer treatment, it can cause a lot of dental issues. Dry mouth means lack of saliva. Saliva is actually very good for the mouth as it washes away the harmful bacteria. In the absence of the same our teeth are exposed to those bacteria and if not treated in time can result in cavities, gum infections and even tooth decay. If not cured in time, you will have to go through surgery to get a relief from the pain. Having lots of water and fresh fruits and leafy vegetables can help you from having a dry mouth and instead save you from tooth infection.

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