You may be a right-brained person who tends to be creative and more curious. Research had proved that right-brained people tend to more messy and disorganized. Whereas left-brained people are more into being organized and more thinking and they tend to be more workaholics whereas the right-brained people are the ones who are work lovers, since they do what they want to do, by exploring their limits. But, unfortunately, in this world, people expect everyone to be the same and work like left-brained people. But, it is because of these conditions; people are not fully interested in what they are doing and significantly have lesser levels of life satisfaction and job satisfaction. You need to stay organized irrespective of the fact you are left or right-brained person. You need to stay organized not just because it is important, but it will make life easier through the art of actually following will be hard. Therefore, here are a few ideas on how to make life easier and more organized.

Keep your files in place and in a sequential manner

You are one of those people who could not keep files in the order in the desk then you can make use of the Custom Boxes which you can design the boxes to your liking. You can also have some cuts which can be used as a bookmark to arrange in alphabetical order. This will help you to know where your file. You should maintain an excel-folder in your personal computer about the number of files and folders and their names. Though it seems like lots of work, it will be the best thing you would waste your time on. Apart from this, have some peaceful signs like plants or paintings in your office. Then, you can also make sure to have labels on your files which will help you locate them.

Image source: Pixabay

Make sure to manage your time efficiently

There are several ways to manage your time efficiently. It is important to make sure that the time management skills are better and you should strive to improve it with each day. You can have a sticky notes application on your computer. You should not have the manual sticky notes on your laptops or on your computers. It will make your place look messy. You have a diary in which you can take note of your appointments. By making use of the diary, you can sure that no two appointments will overlap with each other or clash with each other. This can be also used to maintain project goals whereby, you can complete the goals on time. While working with time limits, you should know your limits and of those whom you employed. Teamwork means on a person should cover and complement the flaws of the other persons in the team. Moreover, you are an organized person; everyone can help you out or do your part when you cannot do it. There are several other advantages of being organized.