How can Video Marketing enhance the Lead Generation?

It is said that 74 percent of B2B marketers utilize video marketing as a way to build a presence, bring in more traffic and create more leads. Are you looking for ways to increase the lead generation call centre services? Here you go. The sole purpose around which the sales and marketing team operates is to increase the sales leads. This is the reason many posts are flashed on the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account.

Often lead generation executives find themselves in a dilemma whether to use social media executives or other platforms for adding up to the number of leads. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are in great demand for lead generation. It is a fact that objectives of any company are concentrated on converting potential leads into customers, increasing an overall number of leads or sales, revenue coming from existing customers and lowering down the cost of the contract or lead or customer acquisition.

Having said that the results are not as effective as when we talk about the other underutilized platforms such as executive events, search marketing, webinars and telemarketing:

Creating a video series

Creating a video series is a great way to promote a brand. If you are into a real estate firm, then you can definitely launch a home series capturing beautiful homes of prominent celebrities. Such videos are a great way for brand promotion as it easily attracts consumers when compared to textual context.

Planning well before

It is important to go for SMART goals while you create your video generation plan. The goals must be smart, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely in nature. For instance, if you release a set of 5 episode series and upload it in two weeks’ time. This gets the monthly viewership of 200. This means that will you get an engagement rate of 75 in total in a time span varying from 3 months to 6 months.

Live video content

Live videos uploaded on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare and Vimeo are a great way to attract crowd. From this, you can create a question and answer section from which an article or blog is created. This can be further uploaded on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Thus, from one video you will get two forms of content which can be further uploaded on four to five different platforms.

Incorporate video marketing video into the sales team

Incorporating video marketing videos are a great way that the sales team are using these days. Video voicemails, quick hand-off videos and one-off demo videos are a great way to attract your target audience.

Infuse creativity while creating videos

Videos are one platform with which you can experiment freely. You can add a touch of humor to it and also can make it as peppy as possible. The great part with videos is that you can be as creative when it comes to videos. Also, the viewership of videos on YouTube is more when we simply compared to the written text or content.

Incorporate a call action for your video

If you don’t accomplish your video with a call-to-action, you’re leaving it up to your visitors. Call of action is a great way through which your viewers can seek out more information about you and your service.

Final Word

Leads mean money this is what any company aspires to achieve. Thus, the company works on creating a sensible lead generation plan. For creating leads, one has to understand the video marketing team which is a great way to build market presence and must be a part of a content marketing strategy. Around 80 percent of the marketers believe in video marketing. The main reason why people are attracted to video marketing and not to content writing is that the exciting images and interesting visuals in the video appeal to people more when compared to the textual content. Content is usually boring in nature whereas videos are attractive and peppy in nature. Thus, many prominent brands such as Deloitte works to create videos that promote the inner working of the brands. This leads to an overall increase in the number of leads.