Tired of waking up early? Bored with the white and fawn color scheme of my school building? Fed up of changing size of the same uniform? Finding my school very far from to reach from home? Transportation issue and late attendance have created chaos in the life. The answer to all of these hassles has been distance education. Distance education is basically the learning that takes place without a physical assistance of a school or teacher. The globalization has developed the horizon of the education making it reach far and wide areas where once never gave a thought. Distance education is very beneficial in the present world because it presents me and other individual’s opportunities to update my knowledge with the developing world and with the rapid increase in the competition. It makes it convenient for people like me by providing us options to nurture at our ease pace.

Distance learning makes us learn things in the cozy environment of our house, no more stress of being late for class, no more short attendance issue which makes it extremely feasible for students who want to start building their career at a very young age. It also provides us opportunity to enroll in the programs that are not being offered immediately in our residence and be more updated on them.


With the increasing dependency of technology and internet all over the world, distance learning also takes place internationally offering opportunities to people to take classes online and earn a living for themselves. It is now viewed as an outstanding business opportunity to offer classes online at a low cost with the same standard of education. If someone is not able to afford tuition fee, he can take admission in theses academies that offer distance education and learn the same course at a low cost from a facilitator in another county. It further helps to increase the networking by engaging with more diverse range of people from different countries and getting their insights.

We once use to think to be able to replay the certain phrase that the professor just repeated in the classroom. We can do it in distance learning because it presents us the opportunity to replay the audio or video as much many times possible for a certain sentence and clear our understanding on a subject as lectures are available in the recorded form. I can do my assignment online replay, no trouble of repeating instruction because instructions are available at our disposal. It helps to keep track of the syllabus, assignments and reports.

It is beneficial while traveling as well. It also provides ample time to be spent with family making more efficient use of time. With the hazardous issue global warming, it provides us with an environment friendly system of education.

Distance education in the present era is growing with a tremendous speed to match with the demands of rapidly changing world, helping us to complete our degree in shorter span of time. It is also designed to work on smart phones as well making it all more attractive for people to toss out the ancient system of education in the coming future.