For many years now, bollards have been used for safety and security purposes. It is very rare to find a public or private building without these posts. However, today most people have embraced them for other purposes, one of which is aesthetics. Imagine you walk in a place and find a perimeter of colored bollards, some that are shining, others are blinking in all colors and well arranged in different patterns. That beauty is what would come to your mind immediately and therefore that tells you bollards can change the overall outlook of your commercial project.

Continue reading and see how you can change your commercial project using bollards

Powder coating

The common metals like iron, aluminum, and steel are manufactured and perfectly finished with some durable powder coat finish. This is such a uniform coating, which has superior rust-resistant elements. When coating, dust and any other material that can interfere with adhesion is removed. The powder is charged electrically and thus creating an electrostatic attraction. The product is then cured under high temperatures and therefore it cannot, crack, chip or even peel off. Whatever color you want for your building perimeter or that private parking in the apartment, you only need to talk to your reliable bollards company and you have them customized as per your need.

Choosing colored bollards

Bollards are made of different sizes, shapes and lengths depending on where it’ll be used and the owner’s preference. When choosing the color for your building bollards, you need to consider the general outlook of the building design, the existing exterior colors, the shape of your compound and parking area and of course your color preference. This is what guides you on the choice of color. You can have semi-gloss, dark green, safety yellow, sky blue and all. Get customized bollards of any color you want from a reliable bollard company.

Polyethylene plastic covers

You can get polyethylene bollard covers in a range of colors, yellow, blue, grey, gloss, black and all for visibility and aesthetics. These covers are resistant to weathering and therefore don’t chip or fade and requires low maintenance. It is also resistant to physical markup, which comes as a result of a collision, chemical wear from solvents and such corrosive elements. The covers can be made from high or low-density polyethylene plastics, which are then impregnated with the required color. To prevent fading from sun’s exposure, ultraviolet and antistatic additives are used. To produce a bright and resilient product and the overall look is enhanced. You can also get bollards with reflector strips of up to four colors to enhance visibility in low light and in bad weather conditions.

Polyurethane bollards

These are bollards, which are made of the durable plastic- polyurethane.  The coloring of these bollard covers permeates through the material and therefore any impacts will lead to minimal scratches or dents. The UV protection in these bollards makes them durable and prevents fading when exposed to sunlight.

You can turn that commercial project to stunning scenery through a proper choice of customized bollards. Look for a good bollards dealer and allow them design for you the best quality with a perfect color mix. You’ll be surprised how beauty attracts people; in fact, it’s a way of bringing in more tenants to your condo.