How ACD System Helps Deliver Great Customer Service Experience?

Customer Service

In this day and age, you can keep customers’ loyalty and trust as long as you are rendering splendid solutions during support interactions. It is so because whenever a company delivers an amazing support experience, it makes customers feel valued. In the best scenarios, happy customers get turned into brand advocates, which consequently, multiplies business growth.

To ensure a long-term relationship with customers, business owners join hands with a specialized service provider like an Indian call center. To keep the clients happy, inbound call centers or BPO firms do their best during customer interactions.

If we specifically talk about the voice channel, ACD (automatic call distributor) system gets used so that customer calls could be responded in an effective manner. Call centers rate the ACD system so high because it helps during different scenarios such as ‘When the call volume is too high,’ ‘When agents aren’t online,’ etc.

Furthermore, the three major benefits that come along with the ACD system are:

  • Reduced call burden.
  • High productivity.
  • Enhanced efficiency.

“How does the ACD system work?”

It distributes calls based on the area code, availability of support agents, call traffic, etc. By means of the ACD system, it gets too easy to manage the fluctuations of call volumes.

Let’s see how ACD System helps to deliver exceptional customer service experience:

  • Round-robin distribution

To give amazing support experience, it is significant to master the technique of managing customer service queries. This is so because if you manage support requests perfectly, the probability of providing top-notch solutions is more likely to snowball. Here, the significance of the ACD (automatic call distributor) system increases.

With the help of ACD, managing customer calls get too easy. This is so because ACD distributes calls evenly among all the agents. This not only helps to maintain the CSAT score but also prevents the agent turnover rate. Wondering how? Well, the major reason behind this is that if agents get an equal number of calls to handle, the hassle of additional workload doesn’t take place, which consequently, leads to a high job satisfaction level. Hence, the agent retention rate doesn’t drop.

That’s why every well-known Indian call center considers the ACD system as a helping hand.

  • Reduce wait time  

The voice channel is the only support medium that gets preference from customers of all ages. According to emerging reports, around 60% of customers share their product-related problems by making a call. This clearly tells how much value the telephone support medium holds in the customers’ hearts.

To give an incredible calling experience to customers, it is fundamental to offer a prompt response. However, keeping the wait time in control isn’t easy, especially during peak hours. Here, the ACD system comes to rescue as it manages the volume of customer calls in such a way that lets support agents do their work without any pressure.

Needless to say, when customer service reps work with negligible or minimal job pressure, they are more likely to deliver first-rate solutions, which consequently, leads to faster conclusions. This ensures a swift response for those customers who wait in call queues.

In a nutshell, the ACD system plays a vital role in keeping the average wait time in check.

  • Makes call back service an ideal one

At the present time, every Indian call center offers the callback service to customers because of two reasons that are:

  • To keep the CX levels stable.
  • To reduce the average number of queries so that quality resolutions could be delivered during ongoing support interactions.

Usually, customers choose the call back service when they don’t seek a prompt response. But it is prominent to ensure that no call back requests, not even a single one get missed by the end of the day as this would lead to negative WOM, which can tear the business’s reputation apart.

Here, the ACD system comes in the picture as it notifies the agents about call back requests as soon as they are available to make calls. Owing to this, customers who expect a call from the company’s end get phenomenal support experience, which as a positive outcome, result in a long-term relationship.