Reasons to Hire Central Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn

Central Air Conditioning Repair in Brooklyn

At times, your central air conditioner stops working without any notice and the thermostat indicates the need for cooling. If you’re a resident of Brooklyn, you can consider central air conditioning repair in Brooklyn.

However, there are some DIY steps that you can also adopt and here you go:

•    Check the electrical panel

First you need to check the chief electrical panel and secondary circuit panels, if any, for a blown fuse or a tripped breaker. If the problem lies there, turn the breaker off to reset the same. Now replace the fuse. Remember that the central air conditions must be on a dedicated 240 volt circuit. But if the breaker still tips, there might be a problem with the system – in the capacitor, the compressor or the fan motor. In such a case, you may need to call a professional to track down as well as resolve the issue.

•    Check the thermostat’s temperature

You must keep the thermostat cool; the temperature setting should be at least 3 degrees below the normal room temperature.

•    Check the power status

Make sure the power supply to the air conditioner is on. Check the switch in the air handler, the furnace and also the outdoor condenser. Make sure you check if the compressor’s 240 volt disconnect hasn’t been turned off.

•    Remove thermostat’s cover

Remove the cover of the thermostat but don’t forget to turn off the power to the air conditioning machine before that. Remove the body of the thermostat from the base by pulling straight out and replace the batteries, if it has any. Now check the wires to see if they are properly attached to the terminals and won’t get pinched by the cover. Now replace the cover and wait for 3 to 4 minutes and then again try the system.

•    If still doesn’t work

And if that doesn’t solve the problem, open thermostat and unscrew the wires from Y terminal. Then turn the power back on. Touch the bare end to R terminal while holding the wire by its insulation. Keep holding for 2 minutes. If you see that the compressor is kicking on, then the thermostat is faulty. If it is so, replace it. But if the compressor doesn’t go when holding the Y wire to R terminal, turn the power off or call a central air conditioning repair in Manhattan expert (being a Manhattan resident) to fix the issue.

•    Check compressor’s wires and capacitor

The capacitor of the compressor is responsible to start both the fan and the condenser. If the capacitor doesn’t properly work, the ac machine won’t run. It’s simple to check if the capacitor is working. You can fix the issue if it’s not working properly. Open the electrical cover of the air conditioner. But before that make sure you shut off all the power supply to the unit and ensure that it is off. Now remove the cover; use a digital multi-meter set to the Capacitance – now put one lead on common terminal and the other on one of the other two terminals. The meter must show a number, not ‘OL’. ‘OL’ denotes a short.

Above is a simple DIY guide that you can follow to fix your central air conditioning machine, if it has stopped working.