Carpets are a pervasive part of every household or office. The carpets aren’t only responsible for protecting your floor and enhancing the beauty and decor of the interiors, but it is also a factor that increases the level of pathogens in your home.

Now, not only regular dust and pollutants from foot traffic, your carpets have to bear with the accidental spills and shedding of your pets also. It takes a toll on your time and energy to clean up the mess. Hence, carpet cleaning becomes crucial.

Regular vacuuming and shampooing of your carpet may seem the right way to keep them clean. However, to get rid of those filths, dust stuck onto the bottom of the rug, greasy dirt layer etc. carpet cleaning services is the best option. Hot water and steam together work to loosen the dirt and stains from the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine then immediately catches the loose soil. This has been proven to be a highly effective method to remove odour, dust bacteria, dust mites as well as fungus.

Carpet steam cleaning

  • Water is heated to a very high temperature, and it is then applied on to the carpet and allowed to penetrate.
  • It is a common dilemma that a water-soaked carpet will take a long time to dry up. However, in deep steam, cleaning the hot water applied to the rug is so high in temperature that the rugs are not soaked in water.

Dry cleaning

  • In dry cleaning, chemicals might be required to treat the stains and get them removed.
  • However, even the use of chemicals does not ensure 100% removal of stains or specks of dust.
  • Instead, in some cases, the application of harsh chemical may lead to fading away of the natural colour from the carpet.
  • Sometimes the cleaning companies purposefully use colour lightening chemicals to make the stains obscure.

However, in the case of carpet steam cleaning services, eco-friendly cleaning solutions are used along with hot water. This enters deep into the carpet and compels the stains, specks of dust, and greasy substances to loosen up from the carpet fabric. Then the advanced carpet cleaning machines can take out the tough stains easily.

Apart from this, the carpet cleaning using steam also has other benefits:

Benefits of Steam Cleaning

  • Hot water immediately kills bacteria, moulds, fungus, etc. It is an excellent way of removing dust mites, bacteria, moulds, fungus and other forms of dry contaminants, and overall disinfects the carpet.
  • You can also get rid of foul odour occurring from spills, greasy substances, pet hair, etc.
  • You will receive a fresh and healthy air in your living room after the carpet steam cleaning services.
  • Even a chemical is used in mild proportions which do not harm the carpet fabric or irritate the skin.

The next big question that must come to your mind is: Can you do it DIY?

Despite it being a safe method of carpet cleaning, you need expert professionals to get your carpet cleaned in the best way. Instead of going DIY at home, it is always preferable that you call for professional experts. Handling hot water, of extremely high temperature is not a layman’s job. Therefore; avoiding the handling of such high-temperature water and steam is always recommended if you do not have expertise or knowledge of the work. At the same time, the professionals take adequate safety measure and precautionary steps to avoid unforeseen risks.


All in all,

It can be denied that Moreover, the carpet cleaning professionals have proficient knowledge of how long steam and hot water treatment should be provided to the carpet. They know the proportion of cleaning chemical which is required to be used and so on other factors. Therefore, you can check online, and seek for reference from your friends and family to get contacts of carpet cleaning centres near you.

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