Guidelines for Optimizing Voice Channel
Optimizing Voice Channel

With the changing landscape of omnichannel customer service, the traditional voice channels still remain a preferred point of contact among customers. This can be attributed to a need for reassurance while interacting with a live customer support executive. Many of the traditional users still find this channel as simpler to use than a few of the recently emerged mediums.

Even a few of modern customers prefer this channel because they seek a personal and more humanized experience that a voice can provide. This is where an inbound call center comes into the picture as many big and small business conglomerates utilize their services to avoid customer churn and maintain a professional point of contact with their customers.

Let us now discuss some of the guidelines for call centers to optimize their voice channel for superior customer experience:

Utilizing IVR options for quicker service response

According to a recent survey conducted by a leading inbound call center solution company, almost three fourth of the customers have hung up the phone because of their sheer frustration of not being able to talk to a real customer support executive. Research also showcased that many customers feel the need to interact with an executive, especially when a situation is too intricate to explain over other text-based mediums. The problem also arises when the call is not transferred to the right person for resolving a query.

This often adds fuel to fire and often leads to customer churn. This is where offering IVR options that allow customers to proceed in the desired direction plays a huge role before transferring the call to an actual customer support executive. This will save a lot of time for both the parties in contact and will lead to a quicker resolution of problems. Many technologically advanced call centers also use visual IVR menus to further streamline the process by assisting customers to click and touch their way through the menu-driven interface.

Eliminating hold time and following up with prioritized callbacks

A recent study by a leading research agency revealed that approximately three fourth of customer-initiated orders were placed on hold. Such an act is bound to make customers give low satisfaction ratings to a brand as they feel that their time is not considered valuable. This may also lead to missed sales opportunities and customer churn for many business units. This is where utilizing the services of a professional inbound call center solution can play a vital role in evacuating a potential disaster. Such call centers offer prioritized callbacks for customers to eliminate the hold times and makes the customer feel valued.

Delivering 24/7 customer support

The most common problem that small businesses or even some of the big business units face is their inability to deliver a seamless voice experience round the clock. Many such organizations often pondered with the idea of utilizing the services if professional inbound call center solution companies which can lend them a helping hand in delivering exceptional support and increase sales for them. Utilizing the services of professional customer support will highlight a brand’s existence in the industry.

Evaluating metrics and customer feedback

In order to optimize a voice channel, it is vital to evaluate key metrics and determine the areas where rectifications can be made. Many organizations look to utilize the services of leading inbound call center solution companies who have mastered the art of first call resolution as it is a critical factor for their brands. It is perceived as a critical indicator of both the customer service executive’s efficiency in delivering swift customer satisfaction.

Another significant metric is average handling time, in which both the brand and the call center aim to decrease as much as possible due to the costly nature of the voice platform. Even though it is a relatively expensive channel, it is necessary to maintain the quality of interaction at all costs.

It can be inferred from the above discussion that despite customer service becoming a more automated vertical, many of the customers still seek a personal touch when they require support. With the practices mentioned above, a brand can certainly make the voice channel a preferred and delightful medium for delivering extraordinary customer experience.