Wait, don’t roll out your mat yet. Firstly, are you very comfortable with the costume you’re putting on? Are you sure that’s the best dress you should wear to a yoga class? What if the dress you put in is completely not recommended for yoga? Well, you’re just a beginner and you probably don’t know What You Can Wear For Yoga Exercises. Thus, here’s a simple-to-understand guide on what to wear for yoga exercise. This article explains the need to put on specific gears for yoga, as well as highlight some important tips for newbies. It is a detailing guide to yoga for complete beginners.

What You Can Wear For Yoga Exercises

What To Wear For Yoga

Generally, what you need for yoga is a comfortable dress – a dress that allows you to freely move your body to practice the various asanas in yoga exercise.

1. Yoga Pants

Just as different sports have unique jerseys and costumes, yoga, as an exercise has specific pants/trousers that you should wear while attending a class, or even practicing at home. Interestingly, you can get yoga pants from different stores (offline and online). Yoga pants are typically breathable, non-translucent, stretchy, and absorbs heat.

2. Sporty Top/Bra

Yea, sporty tops are suitable for yoga. While men may go topless – wearing a pair of yoga pants – ladies can put on a sports bra for yoga exercise. Sports bras are flexible and also breathable; they allow air to flow in and out – this is a very important feature in looking out for what to wear for yoga. Because yoga is an intense exercise that can cause you to sweat profusely, you need a cloth that allows easy flow of air (a breathable cloth).

3. Leggings

In a situation where you don’t have yoga pants, you can definitely put on your leggings for the class. Leggings are very much flexible as yoga pants, and they are stretchy too. Hence, you can easily take on any pose and move from one yoga style to another.

However, when selecting leggings to wear for yoga exercise, you should ensure to pick out the one that’s not transparent. Quite a lot of leggings made with translucent materials, you don’t need such a yoga. More so, when you enroll in a yoga class, the instructors may present you with a pamphlet that details the type of clothes you should wear to class each day.

4. Tank Tops

Again, as an alternative to sports bras, you can put on tank tops for a yoga class. Tank tops are befitting and huggy; they’d also help to moderate your body temperature when you switch to tougher yoga poses. Ensure that you got a tank top that perfectly fits your body; if it’s too loose on you, it’s not the best choice for yoga. There are tank tops for men and there are tank tops for ladies, too.

5. Yoga Underwear

Most people prefer to go “undies-free” while going for a yoga class – it is much better than wearing cotton or lacy undies. You need to carefully select what to wear when going to a yoga class. This is because you’d sweat too much down there, which can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, wear breathable undies or wear nothing at all.

What Not To Wear For Yoga

Generally, you shouldn’t wear your regular exercising clothes and gears for yoga. Loose clothes are also not recommended because they would fly and distract you or other people that are in the class. One more thing, you should not wear transparent clothes to a yoga class; else, when you sweat, the cloth would gum to your body and cause more exposure, which may distract other practitioners.

Yoga For Complete Beginners – Pro Tips

Here are professional tips you need to know about practicing yoga exercises.

1.It is best to have your personal yoga mat, and you have to take it to class every day.

2.Always abide by the class rules and follow the instructor’s comments

3.Learn to practice alone, following an online guide or what you’ve previously learned from a yoga class.

4.Wear the recommended yoga clothes and gears – they help to make the exerciser more fun and easier.

5.When you try a new pose, continue practicing it until you’re perfect in making the pose.


Summarily, as a newbie, you need to carefully purchase a couple of flexible clothes you can wear to a yoga class. Also, it is advisable to practice alone – it helps to build your perfection in different styles of yoga. More so, you should try to have a crew you can practice with – outside the classroom. Yoga is really an exciting exercise and it heals one from various conditions. Whether you’re a man or a woman, yoga exercise is for everyone and it is practiced globally.

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