The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Travel Credit Card

Travel Credit Card

With the rise is the usage of the cards, it is fair to say that cash is no longer the king. People are using credit cards right from purchasing groceries to their new cars and even flight tickets.

Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of travel reward credit cards. This makes it difficult for an average person to choose one. This is because you may never know which American express international travel card suits your travel plans the best and maybe a waste of time.

It can become highly challenging to navigate through the loyalty programs, welcome offers, hidden costs, and much more of a credit card. And that is why many people end up purchasing the first card that crosses their path. However, choosing a card without prior inspection can prove disadvantageous. That is why we have drafted this article to help you choose better.

1 Set Your Traveling Goals:

Even before thinking of getting a credit card, you must set your traveling goals. By this, we do not mean that you have to make all of your plans before-handed, but we mean is that you must know about the particular destination and traveling style. This is because the way you will use your card’s rewards will play an essential role in choosing the right card.

For instance, you want to travel to the Maldives. So, will you prefer traveling first-class, or will you be okay with cheap flights and a fancy hotel instead?

Once you know your goals, you can choose a flexible card that can help you to transfer your points. This way, you won’t be stuck in with a single rewards program.

2 Evaluate Your Spending Habit:

Evaluating your spending habits is also an important part to consider. So, create a list of the most significant expenditures and, based on that, choose a rewards credit card.

For instance, if the biggest expenses are gas, dining, and traveling, then go for a card that spends 3 points on every $1 gas/travel and 2 points on every $1 dinning.

But just in case, if you are not able to circle down on a few categories, then go for an American express international travel card that spends more than 1 point on every $1 expense. Many cards can even obtain cash backs on every payment.

3 Inspect Cards That Obtain Flexible Rewards Currencies:

Credit cards with flexible rewards currencies are issued by renowned banks. You can quickly transfer the rewards points to multiple transfer partners.

However, there is a strong point in using an airline-branded or hotel-branded card. This is because such cards have various benefits like free nights, priority boarding, upgraded hotel situation, and much more.

But a flexible rewards card is capable of offering many benefits that a co-branded card may not be able to offer. For instance, if United is requesting for higher miles on the flight or isn’t providing award availability, then you can transfer the same to Southwest through Chase ultimate rewards.

4 Choose On The Benefits That You Value The Most:

It is easy to come across hundreds of rewards credit cards nowadays. For instance, many Americans express international travel cards offer exclusive benefits.

If you end up tallying the benefits, they will cross the $550 annual fee.

However, you must note that the value of these benefits depends on the way you use them. For instance, there are many people who let their airline fee credit or Uber fee credit expire every year. The reason is that they did not require or may not have come in a situation when they needed these credits.

That is why you must choose the benefits that are useful to you.

5 Know What You Can Afford:

Know that the higher the perks your credit card offers, the higher its annual fee will be. There are many credit cards that have annual fees of $450 or even more. Even though all the perks may seem worthy, but the biggest question lies in the affordability of the card, especially if you end up choosing more than one rewards credit card that has higher annual fees.

So, it is better that you avoid losing sight based on perks. Instead, stay aware of the future and go for an affordable card regardless of what others choose. This way, you can avoid the high annual fee credit card.

Bottom Line

Obtaining a travel credit card can be a simple task if you are well-aware of your options. Once you know your options, you can easily pick a credit card that suits your goals. Plus, you will end up experiencing various perks too.

Use our article as a guide to know what suits you the best.