Negotiating Medical Bills

Healthcare is an important and sensitive issue for everyone. There is an urgent need to bring about changes. Changes that can bring better facilities for patients who are burdened with huge medical bills. There has to be a firm conviction that guides the right direction to bring about a change. It is about trust. We, at ClaimMedic, offer you all the support and guidance that helps you sail through the choppy waters of massive medical bills. Read on to know more.

At ClaimMedic, we strive to provide the best-negotiating platform for reducing huge medical bill payments. Our advocates reason it out with full conviction on your behalf. Our medical bill negotiation service is a mission that aims to provide you more benefits. The results of our relentless reasoning have significantly lowered costs and have been a leading cause of satisfaction for one and all.

Reasons for Choosing Bill Negotiation Service 

When the issue is about health, it must get its due importance. You have to act on behalf of yourself and your family members. You have to ensure the diagnoses and the treatments while pushing for the highest quality care. However, when it comes to medical bills, asking for help is useful as it can save thousands of dollars. Here’s why you need negotiation services:

  1. You may not have an idea, but 80% of medical bills may contain errors
  2. Most of the time, hospital prices to consumers are inflated by three to five times.
  3. A majority of the insurance claim (almost 60 %) denials are incorrect.
  4. Every one in seven hospital visits ends up with a surprise bill.
  5. With negotiation, you could see savings of 30 to 90%.

Benefits of Hiring Medical Bill Negotiation Services 

Help is at hand in the form of medical bill advocates. They are professionals who understand the nuances and complexities of medical billing. Patients and consumers can hire the expertise of an advocate to audit their medical bills. This essential step can seek out errors and negotiate lower costs. The idea of hiring a medical bill advocate proves to be a smart idea in the following cases:

1. You are at the receiving end of an outrageous bill

Medical bills can be an expensive affair. The chances of you landing up with outrageous medical bills can be attributed to duplicate charges, typos, charges for finally canceled procedures, and fraud. Medical billing advocates have years of experience identifying and picking out billing errors and getting them removed.

2. Your insurance denied a claim for something you thought it covered

Though fallen, insurance claim denials keep happening now and then. A substantial number of claims are denied annually on employer health plans alone. Your insurance provider company is likely to use a claims review program to pick up errors and questionable charges. A medical bill advocate can help you identify the reason behind the denial, and then proceed to negotiate with the insurance company.

3. You tried but met with no luck

Some medical providers willingly work with patients; others are resistant to any approach. Primarily, medical providers are not obliged to give you some financial relief, and they are aware of this fact. Medical bill advocates are used to eth way of working, they know the right people to talk to and the right questions to ask, and how.

4. You have a concern that your medical bills may affect your credit

Now, whether you have already made arrangements to make the payment or are still wondering how to pay the bills that have come in, a medical bill advocate will help you understand what the debit means for your credit—an advocate assists in minimizing the impact.

5. Medical bills are forcing you to declare yourself bankrupt

Millions of Americans struggle when it comes to paying their medical bills. You are not alone in it if you are considering the option of declaring yourself bankrupt. However, bankruptcy is the last resort. You can avoid it by lowering your medical bills or making them more manageable with medical bill negotiation professional help.

Why Choose Negotiators 

Medical billing advocates are there to help fight your cause after you receive the care. As experts, they scrutinize the details in the medical bill and make sure that it is fair. They are the person who can help you appeal to the hospital to lower your hospital cost. They may also help to get more charges covered by your health insurance plan.

To Conclude 

At ClaimMedicwe help to review and negotiate on your behalf. We reason it out in a way that enables you to relax and recover. Get in touch for consultations that bring you peace of mind.