Green Coffee Bean Vs Green Tea: Which is Better for Weight Loss?
When it comes to weight loss, one can only think of green coffee beans and green tea. They boost your metabolism and enhance your weight loss efforts. They are also available in supplement form as a green coffee capsule and green tea extract. If fat loss is your goal and you are confused between these two choices, worry not. Read on to know the results of green tea and green coffee bean. Green Coffee Bean Green Tea Benefits: Green tea contains health-promoting compounds. According to a study, people who ingested green tea extract for ten weeks lost weight significantly than people who didn’t take it. Drinking green tea daily not only helps you to lose weight but also reduces the risk of several diseases like heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol, and stroke. If you want to get more weight loss benefits from green tea, drink one cup of green tea before a workout. Precautions: Drinking green tea with milk and sugar is a complete no-no. Adding milk and sugar in green tea can completely inhibit the effects of antioxidants and polyphenols. So, don’t destroy the benefits of green tea by adding milk. If you want to add sugar then instead of sugar, use healthy sugar alternatives like raw cane sugar, beet sugar, etc. Make sure you don’t drink green tea in large amounts (more than four to five cups) as it can lead to various side effects such as anemia, heartburns, convulsions, headaches, and anxiety disorder. Green Coffee Bean Benefits Green coffee beans are extracted from the same coffee beans that are used for brewing. The only difference between regular coffee beans and green coffee beans is that green coffee beans are unroasted. Studies show that it can help in weight loss by reducing the accumulation of body fat. According to another study, using green coffee extract as a weight-loss supplement is safe and promising. Apart from fighting obesity green coffee bean capsules also reduce the risk of diabetes, regulate blood pressure, offer anti-aging benefits, boost focus and mood, and may enhance energy levels. Precaution Avoid green coffee bean extract if you suffer from anxiety.
  • Avoid it if you are breastfeeding
  • If you suffer from irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhea, limit the use of green coffee. As it may cause loose stools, pain in the stomach, or indigestion.
  • Avoid taking it at night
Green coffee bean extract is safe to use when taken appropriately. But make sure to follow relevant directions on product labels and consult your doctor before using it. Conclusion: Based on proven positive results, it is easy to say that green tea and green coffee bean should be used simultaneously for maximum benefits. Both of the supplements don’t contain overwhelming amounts of caffeine, plus it is from a natural source and doesn’t have as large of negative effects on the body as chemically manufactured caffeine. Each one of these supplements will benefit your body, but taking them properly will help you get the overall benefits. If you think we missed out on something or you have any tips or suggestions feel free to write us in the comment section below. We would love to know your views.
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