Gorilla Trekking Tour

The man is the most intelligent of all animals in the world. There is no doubt about it. Otherwise, he would not be in a position to capture these animals and literally imprison them in zoos all over the world. You would be able to see the lions and the elephants in the zoos. However, would that bring in that degree of awe? The answer would be an emphatic NO. You should experience these animals in their habitat in the jungle. To gain this experience, you have to participate in the Rwanda Gorilla tour that could take you as close to the gorilla as possible.

The tour of the jungles:

Africa has some of the finest and most uninhabited jungles in the world. There are places in the African jungles where no man has ever set foot. This safari aims to take you around the jungles of Uganda to enable you to experience the wonders of Nature in its full splendor. The three-day Gorilla trekking safari in Uganda can open your eyes to a wonderful experience.

The park in question is the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. This park is famous all over the world for the highest concentration of mountain gorillas in the world. In fact, as per the last Census count, there were 320 mountain gorillas all over the park. In addition to the gorillas, you could also look at the other wildlife species that includes more than 350 bird species. The word Bwindi denotes darkness in the local language. In fact, the name is apt, as you would find most of the jungle as impenetrable.

What to expect in the safari:

You will be able to witness the activities of the gorilla at very close quarters. Understand the gorilla first to be able to enjoy the safari. You should remember that you are in their territory and hence you should follow certain strict rules. The Uganda Gorilla Safari guide will explain the rules to you.

The gorilla stands around 1 m tall when on all fours. However, on becoming agitated, they stand on their hind legs and let out a menacing roar while beating their chests with their forelimbs. This site is a very dangerous one.

The gorilla looks like a menacing animal. However, looks are deceptive. They are extremely docile animals happy to live on their own without any interference from the Man. As it is, they experience the cruelties of Man in many ways. The Man is principally responsible for their dwindling numbers today.

While on the Gorilla trekking tour, you should be careful not to instigate the ape in any way. You would get the option to watch them from very close quarters. You should take this opportunity to witness the brilliance of Nature.

The gorillas move in batches of around 30 animals each. There are around nine such recognized groups in the Rwanda jungles. A man should do everything in his capacity to safeguard the most intelligent creature in the world after him.