Tips On How to Get Influencers to Review Your Products

Get Influencers Review Your Products

Getting influencers to examine your product or service does provide it a big boost in exposure, and send your sales rocketing sky high. In spite of this, the challenging part is, in fact, convincing influencers to review your merchandise in the first place – which is where many people find yourself stumbling.

Establishing Contact with Influencers

If perhaps you’ve already done your research and have found influential bloggers that you like to analyze your product or service, the next step should be to get in touch with them. The mistake that most folks make at this juncture is to instantly mail a prolonged offer – and also likely never hear back from the influencer.

Considering influencers (especially notable ones) are mailed a ton of emails and messages daily – less is more in cases like this. Simply put, when you make contact you will need to be concise and get to the point while at the same time providing all the useful information.

Remember that ‘relevant’ in this instance implies info that the influencer is fascinated with. In other words, you ought to:

1. Introduce yourself
2. Explain what you need from them (i.e. sponsored blog reviews, video reviews, and so on.)
3. State when you need it by
4. Detail the reimbursement which you intend to offer

Those four points are actually the sole ones you must take care of at this point, and it must give the influencer ample information so they can decide whether they really are interested or not. Anything other than that is not necessary, thus just focus on what’s important.

What Influencers Anticipate

Take into account that for most prominent influencers, the content that they produce is their full-time job – and they expect to get paid for it. Mid-tier influencers might be convinced to settle for free samples of the items, but top-tier influencers will require a fee.

If perhaps you’re contacting a top-tier influencer, you need to be ready to approach them with a figure. Most top-tier influencers are incredibly conscious of what they are really worth, and attempting to low ball them is not likely to work. Mainly because these influencers have other offers booked, they are more likely to just overlook anything below their expectations.

On the other hand, if you’re contacting a mid-tier influencer with a modest following you may well be able to negotiate somewhat. The very least that is generally expected is a free sample, though many mid-tier influencers will get many offers of this kind so offering a modest fee in addition to that might get their attention quickly.

Be sure you temper your desires depending on the sort of influencer you’re engaging. Working with an influencer who has a moderate-sized following is much different from one who has a huge following, so you should ensure you know the results will differ appropriately. That being said a number of reliable sponsored blog posts from numerous mid-tier influencers with highly targeted followings could very well be just as good (or much better) when compared with one from a single top-tier influencer with a more general following.