Fingerprint Background Check

The Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System is the fingerprint identification system. It retrieves the history of a criminal record from the division of CJIS and FBI. It is done by cross positioning the prints of applicants with the database. The IAFIS is the central fingerprint database in the US. The Investigation Federal Bureau has managed the arrest data. This database was launched in 1999 and developed by law enforcement agencies.

Today more than thirty million American fingerprints are stored in the IAFIS database. The fingerprint of individuals is crosschecked against the fingerprint database that is a fingerprint background check. Do you need to know everything about the fingerprint background check? Here you can learn about the fingerprint-based background check and its importance.

Reason for doing fingerprinting background check

In the digital world, most of the company conducts the fingerprint background check of the workers before hiring them. This background check is not required by the rules and regulations but is needed for the company safety. With the help of electronic fingerprinting background check, you can hire the trusted employees to the company. There are lots of the reasons to do fingerprinting background check such as

  • If you are buying the company then you should do a fingerprint background check of the business owner that helps you protect from the financial interests.
  • On the litigation, the lawyers do the background check to gather the negative information of the opponent team.
  • Before getting the married, you can hire the private investigator to gather the details about the person.
  • It is critical the individuals do this background check to live in a particular country.

Details show in the background check

The background check is available at a different level. The fingerprint background check provides complete information of the individuals such as criminal record, employment history, education history, background history, credit score, driving record, compensation of workers record and much more. The medical record and financial information are not shown in this check. If the fingerprint matches successfully then the information of the person will be provided in a few hours or days. Many companies use fingerprinting services to hire the best employees.

Background check of employment

  • The background check is used in different fields such as fire department, hospital, acupuncturist, veterinarian, funeral director, optometrist and much more.
  • Many companies perform the fingerprint background check to confirm the worker’s criminal history, employment reference, workers identification, and others.
  • The background check is an important component for daily operation especially pharmacies, banks, casinos, and others.
  • If you are hiring the loan officer, real estate broker or mortgage broker then you can check candidate’s background.

The fingerprint background check was done with the fingerprint card. The people level their finger impression on the fingerprint card by using the ink. The fingerprinting experts check against the fingerprint database manually through the fingerprint card. The electronic fingerprinting process is simple to use and provide this accurate result when compared to the ink fingerprinting background check.