Buy Generic Latisse To Grow Eyelashes & Treat Hypotrichosis

The active ingredient of Generic Latisse is Bimatoprost 0.03% that works towards making your eyelashes longer, thicker and darker. The exact mechanism of its working is still unknown by scientists and researchers. But according to official sources Generic Latisse is believed to bring eyelashes hair cycle in the Anagen phase (growth phase) for a longer period of time. In the Anagen phase, the hair follicles get active resulting in continued hair growth. So as long as you use Latisse the follicles remain in the Anagen phase resulting in gorgeous looking eyelashes so you should consider to Buy Generic Latisse.

Buy Generic Latisse

Why Buy Generic Latisse?

There are minor side effects that you need not worry about while using Generic Latisse – Careprost or Bimat from the house of Ajanta Pharma, India. Mild stinging on eyelids, accompanied by redness, itchiness. These are temporary and do not bother you much but if they worsen over the time with difficulty in breathing, sharp pain in the eyes then you should stop applying the drug immediately and consult your eye expert.

The second side effect can be swelling of eyelids (puffy eyelids). This generally happens when the patient tries the eye serum for the first time and the body is trying to get accustomed to the medication. However, in case there is any discharge or oozing from your eyes then it may be due to imbalance in your eye fluids. Get in touch with your eye expert.

Possible side effects

Facial smudging of the eye serum can trigger another side effect called unintended hair growth. This happens when your applicator dipped in Latisse serum accidentally touches your facial skin instead of the base of upper eyelashes. If you ignore it for a long time and forget to wipe it out with cotton swab or blotting paper then you may experience unintended hair growth on those surfaces.

Latisse eye drops or Lumigan is also used to treat the condition of glaucoma or high IOP (intraocular pressure) in the eyes. The drug is meant to be used externally but if it gets into your eye by any chance then it may over-stimulate your eye and interact with tear production causing Dry Eye.

Tips to using Latisse

Take off your contact lens before you put the eye serum on your upper lashes. The serum has the property to discolor the lens permanently. Load back the contacts 15 to 20 minutes after administering the drug to your lashes.

Just use one single applicator for one eyelid to avoid infection. Do not share your drug or applicators with anyone else with similar conditions. You are supposed to use the serum at the base of upper eyelashes only. Choose night time (bedtime) to put the drug on your lashes to avoid being contaminated by dust and wind during day time.

The application of drugs should continue for 16 weeks daily. After the therapy period, your eyelashes look much longer, thicker, and darker than your original lashes. Continue with the drug for three days a week to maintain the lusciousness of your new eyelashes.