Alabama Basketballconsider the University of Alabama basketball team to have a bright future, and the team is ‘just scratching the surface’ of success. The Alabama basketball team, also known as the Alabama Crimson Tide men’s basketball team, is a sport of the University of Alabama and Division I men’s basketball in NCAA. The basketball team has been running third in the wins after Kentucky and Arkansas in the SEC tournament titles. The Alabama basketball team also stands third in SEC regular-season conference titles after Kentucky and LSU. The Premo-Poretta Power Poll has also retroactively recognized Alabama as the pre-NCAA Tournament national champion for the season of 1929-30. 


The Alabama football team had always overshadowed the men’s basketball team until very recently it started gaining some popularity. In 2003, under Mark Gottfried, the former coach, the basketball team has won the No.1 ranking in the nation for an NCAA Regional Tournament Championship. The team has defeated Standard which was #1-seeded in the NCAA Tournament, in the 2003-2004 season. In the same season, they had reached the Elite Eight round but unfortunately lost to the national game champion of the season, which was Connecticut. 


However, in this 2018-2019 season, they performed beyond expectations and got recognized for their game, in the whole nation. 


What Happened On Saturday’s Game?


On this Saturday, after being trailing by five points only, around halftime, Villanova made a three-point barrage during an 18-1 run, which blew the Wildcats’ lead to a wholesome 20 points. The rest of the competition considered nothing more than a mere formality because the game already won. The No.1 Villanova had already trodden on Alabama 81-58 to move forward to the Sweet 16, leaving the Wildcats to make it to 17 threes. The player from Villanova Mikal Bridges went on to lead the second-half charge, and he scored 22 out of his 23 points in the last 20 minutes to the end of the game. The team of Alabama was broken down by a better team who deserved what they got. Alabama coach thinks that the Crimson Tide fans do not need to feel disappointed by the game. He said that no one wants to lose, and even he does not. But there is no reason to be not proud of the team. This quote was the statement that he repeated in the men’s locker room after the game was over. 


The News about Crimson Tide


The result was that the Crimson Tide ended its season had a 20-16 overall record. They also made a mark by having the first 20-win season since the year 2012-2013 in Tuscaloosa. Alabama made it to its first NCAA Tournament after winning its last in 2012. The basketball team also won its first NCAA Tournament guide after winning it last in 2006. It was quite strange that Alabama was there at all. The Crimson Tide basketball team had failed in its final five games of the season, and what appeared to be a team, there were only a handful of players who helped the team win five games against the top-25 rivals. Alabama headed towards the SEC Tournament, and it needed to win at least one game to remain in the tournament. But they wanted to win to be doubly reassured about their standing in the competition. 


The Crimson Tide defeated Texas and Auburn in the next game, and the Alabama basketball team gained a reputation in the NCAA Tournament. Few followers hungrily prayed that Crimson Tide blows Virginia Tech and that it did. Crimson Tide won the game on Thursday and earned a tournament win after winning it last in 2006. John was of the view that he would continue working on making Alabama basketball team an ideal championship contender. 


“Just Scratching the Surface.”


The forward of the Crimson Tide was of the view that the team was ‘just scratching the surface.’ The youth of Alabama had treated the game quite differently in this season. The team had played and leveled with many organizations but unfortunately lost few games. The Crimson Tide was sent to an 8-9 game, whereas it had the potential of earning a No. 4 or 5 seed at least. There was hope for the Alabama team, which has a potential shot at getting a No. 4 seed. They could have also got a double-bye in SEC Tournament, but they lost five games, and it killed any hopes to get it. It will be the point that the coach would be teaching the team to prepare them for the next season. He believes that Crimson Tide would soon become one of the top teams like the Villanova, and they will be back next year.