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Fun team building games

As earlier mentioned, teambuilding is a very broad term, and any choosing a team building game, you’ll have to consider age, group interest and any other quality you think necessary. Fun team building games are not designed to only let you have fun, but other values such as coherent communication and relationship are inclusive. The benefits of these features are more prevailing when you’re considering teenagers and employees of same middle class.

Below are some ideas of team building activities for teens, youth etc.

 Cross the River Team Building Game – River Crossing is one of the cooperative games that involve group coordination and teamwork. The idea is to cross a river as a team using platforms or pieces of wood for walking, so you don’t touch the earth.

Materials Needed: Pieces of wood or paper, rope marking for the river.

Time: 10 minutes

Marks the distance between the rivers by two parallel lines which the members of the group will go through. It is preferable to make a length of about 10 meters.  Then divide the group(s) into two teams with an equal number of players. Give each member of the team a piece of flat wood; only the first player gets two pieces. The goal is simple, each member of the group must step on the piece of wood, crossing the way. All players have to use the wood. The first player will come first: Raise his platform and put it on before jumping a step after which the entire team follows. The last player jumps on the front platform and raises it to the first to move forward — the first team to cross the river wins. The group or the organizer can decide the distance.

Blind Count Off – If you are looking for an icebreaker game, then you can play Blind Count Off. Useful activity when you have a group of 5-15 people. The goal of the game is that the whole group of people counts to the most significant number.

Time: 10 minutes

Materials needed: None

How to Play: for the beginning, form a circle of all participants. People must be back to one another in the shape of a circle. A circle person says number 1, and then another person says figure 2 and so the number increases. If two people say the same number once, they sit down and cannot play.

Human Knot GameLooking for a game that offers good collaboration among team members? The Human Knot Game is good for this idea. Look for a way to untie a human node without breaking away from the players.

Materials needed: none

Times: 5-10 minutes

How to play: Each player will have to grab the left hand of the other persons in the circle with their left, and right hand for right hand. After making sure that all the players have their hands chained, each player will rotate inside the circle and thus form a knot. At first glance, the knot will be thick and congested because of the many crossed arms; it’ll be more convenient if the group spreads out a bit for allowance. One person should Be ready to be flexible and bend, twirl, in any position to untie the knot.

Jump in Jump out – This is a good icebreaker game. You don’t need to establish a very close relationship playing Jump in Jump Out. For starter, everyone will form a circle with your hands together. You’ll explain all they’ll need to know about this game while everyone else will pay close attention. You’ll have to do what leader says but not what he does. For example, the leader says you jump up, and the participants have to jump up. However, you might get confused because the leader can act the opposite of what they say, therefore if you’re paying more attention to the actions, you’ll fall for it.

Materials needed: none

Times: 10-15 minutes