There are endless possibilities when it comes to formal attire for women. They are be experimental, play safe, go neutral and pastel or balance out the look by wearing bolder shades with muted tones. The choice is up to you and totally upto how you style a particular outfit. Women are lucky that ways… they have a cupboard filled with outfits for casual outings, another one for formal events, one for home wear and another for partying… so much to behold so why not mix and match from every wardrobe to get that perfect formal attire that is not at all boring but powerful, yet minimalist, chic yet trendy and makes you look confident and happy about yourself. Being confident about yourself, your look and most importantly about your body is three factors that help uplift your mood. And to achieve all of that, the first thing you need to make sure of is to be body positive. When you become body positive, automatically  you’ll be confident about yourself and your look for the day!

Formal attire are easy to crack. Not much has to go into putting together a nice chic and elegant formal attire. And mind you, the options are endless! You can wear a crisp suit, a nice pair of flared trousers, a sculpted skirt, or maybe a jumpsuit or a dress. The choice is yours and what the days call for. Let’s take things from the top, when it comes to wearing a crisp suit, a grey suit is long gone. Wear a power suit with pastel blues, pinks, muted olives to add colour to your statement. When we talk about pants, flared pants give the perfect vibe of formal mixed with casual. They are fun and relaxed but clean and crisp enough. A sculpted skirt you may ask is for the night outs, well, clear your confusion from here. For skirts be it sculpted or non sculpted, give a feminine look to your attire along with being chic at the same time. Stick to a modest length to be confident while wearing one.  Also there is a myth that dresses and jumpsuit can only be worn out of work, and for work they are too ‘dressy’… however, that is hardly the case! Jumpsuits and dresses are the most versatile form of outfits you can wear at anyplace and anytime of the day… they are super comfortable to wear, easy to carry out, and are available in a variety of sizes, types, styles, prints, colours and silhouettes!

Another thing to not miss out on, is nicely accessorizing your look the right away. For formal attires and outfits, try to keep your accessories to minimal. Especially when it comes to jewellery. Balance out the look by keeping either earrings or necklace minimal with the other jewellery piece to being a statement one. Carry a chic spacious bag that always comes in handy along with a pair of sunnies and scarf to save you from the heat during bright sunny days…