Floral Halo Rings – A Rage Among Young Brides-to-be

Floral halo rings are known for their distinct design and unique appeal. These are quite unlike the other types of engagementv rings available in the market. While most of the designs are built around a single precious stone or popular diamond cut such as an emerald cut, round cut or cushion cut, floral halos, on the other hand, have multiple diamonds embedded in one ring. Let us learn more about this spectacular design to know as to why the young brides-to-be are going all gaga about it.


Intricate Designs


Floral halo rings contain multiple diamonds that are placed strategically to surround a large center stone typically a diamond. The arrangement is done in a way that it appears like a flower. This elaborate design sets this ring apart from the more common ones that carry just one or two diamonds/ stones. Since there are multiple diamonds on the ring it appears more glittery and draws instant attention. Besides, the design has a feminine appeal and thus adds grace to the overall appearance of the bride.


Wide Variety to Choose From


While floral halos are known for their typical flower shaped design however that does not mean that you will find just one pattern when it comes to this category of rings. There is a wide variety of floral halos with innovative arrangements of diamonds and gemstones. Top engagement rings Brisbane brands offer an exclusive range of flower designs that include rings embedded with diamonds, rubies, rose quartz, emeralds and various other gemstones. You can lay hands on ones with single colour as well as multicoloured gems. Likewise, some of these have bigger stones/diamonds others have small ones. Hidden halos also look spectacular. In this arrangement, the circle of small diamonds is skillfully placed beneath the big centerpiece. This renders an embossed look that stands out.


Whether you want a diamond flower ring or one embedded with your favourite gemstone or a combination of both – you can get all kinds of patterns in the market. Besides, you always have the option of getting it customized.